Sunday, March 25, 2012

{A New} Sunday Sweets

Every other Sunday I like to write a post sharing my favorite finds from around the Internet, current obsessions and what I'm up to. But today I'm changing up the format. Why? Because the "Sweets" post seemed too long. Because I get bored easily. Because it's raining and I love rainy days. Because my Ohio State Buckeyes made the Final Four last night. Anyhoo, here's the new Sunday Sweets. Enjoy!!

1. For brunch I made Mr. B and I Breakfast Pizza out of Pioneer Woman's new cookbook. The book was an early anniversary present :)
And boy was this delicious. A slice of everything breakfast.  Delicioso.

2. Mr. B and I have finally decided we're tired of living in an apartment. Our apartment is lovely and quiet and wonderful, but we need more space. So, we're looking at houses!

3. And I'm dying to do this to my future living room/front room: Add a screen divider and a table for an instant "foyer."

4. Because I'm Pinterest obsessed, I also want to do this to a future closet.

5. My new song obsession: (Amazing Grace) My Chains Are Gone by Chris Tomlin. Absolutely beautiful.

6. I found Pie Pops on this blog. I wanted to make these like last week. The new cake pop for sure. And since I'm not a cake fan, I'm jumping on this ban wagon.

7. I cannot.wait for baseball season. I'm ready for ballparks and finally finding something to watch on TV.

8. My mouth watered when I found this. I NEED peaches!

9.  I think I talked Mr. B into making dinner tonight. If not, it looks like ice cream a dinner will make. I made Katie's Skinny Strawberry Ice Cream last night. LOVE.

10. I found a librarian position at Massillon Public Library. I start Wednesday as an On-Call Substitute Librarian. Suuuuuper excited! Suuuuuuper nervous!

With Love and God Bless,

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