Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall is My Favorite

There is something so breathtaking when you recognize the first day of fall. One moment you are going about your day, and the next it comes to a halt when you realize the leaves are changing. It's a sweet moment. A moment I take the time to note and soak in each year.

This year, that moment arrived much earlier than I expected. My mama and I had spent a few days in Myrtle Beach, visiting my brother, and enjoying the last lazy days of summer before I returned to work and my last semester of grad school. On the way back to Ohio, we were driving through the mountains of West Virginia when I spotted the changing leaves. I pointed them out and we couldn't believe it. It was still AUGUST!

But all I needed was that moment, and then the gears started shifting. Yes! FALL is my FAVORITE! I started mentally preparing myself for the beautiful fall colors, switching out my wardrobe (I want these boots! <---FYI, I own them and love them), hot apple cider, pumpkins, fall foods like cobblers and chilies, football, fun craft shows, apple-picking, and 50-degree weather. I.could.not.wait.

Google Images
Google Images

Great craft ideas at
Fieri's Cin-Ful Peach Cobbler. Made this and it's my new favorite!

Ahhh, Fall. It's the time for a chill in the air, curling up on the couch with the perfect blanket, a cup of hot tea, and a good book. Too bad I haven't had time to do that this season. It's the end of October already!! November is literally err, figuratively knocking on my door. When I finally saw the date on the calendar this morning, I couldn't believe it. I've been so busy working, writing papers, finishing projects, and designing programs that I actually had no idea what day it was.

The Lord spoke to my heart this morning, forcing me to realize that I have to slow down and enjoy life, too. He led me to this scripture, Colossians 1:16-17, "For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible...all things were created by him, and for him. And he is before all things, and by him all things consist." God made each unique season. The leaves changing shows us the beauty of God, and we need to take time to enjoy this season.

After hearing God, I listened. I needed some "me" time to enjoy my fall. So I grabbed a mug of hot cider, my (current) favorite blanket, curled up by the window where I could see the colorful leaves, and, sadly, enjoyed Breaking Dawn  ---> to refresh my memory...isn't the movie coming out in a few weeks?!

I thoroughly enjoyed my "me" time. In fact, I only stopped to share this moment with you. Now that I'm here, this couch is quite comfy. (Hmmm, I do need more cider....) Before I brew another batch, here's hoping you find time to enjoy your own sweet favorite fall moment before you look up and winter is smiling in your face.

Fall decor for my living room.
With Love and God Bless,

Friday, October 28, 2011

Number One

I've been reading blogs, mainly mouth-watering food blogs, for months now. Each time I read my favorites, I get inspired. Inspired to try new foods, cooking methods, workouts, books, and designs. But most of all, I am inspired to write. To share my own experiences and moments with others.

I spent most of my undergrad majoring in journalism with a concentration in magazines. The field became too stressful and demanding, and I no longer enjoyed it. At times I found myself crying in frustration as I tried to fit interviews with stylists, board members, and athletes into my already bursting-at-the-seems schedule. Once my stress level hit an all-time high, including a crazy hive outbreak, I was done. Over it. No more journalism. No more magazine layouts, notepads, copy editing debates, all-nighters to reach an early A.M. deadline, AP Handbooks, and direct quotes.

But I LOVED writing, and not willing to give that up, I finished my last two semesters as an English major. I'd already spent most of my time in English elective courses anyway; the switch was easy as breathing. I marveled in sitting at home in my sweats with a caramel macchiato in one hand and literature in the other. I revisited classics, dived into research, spent my nights with Chaucer, and my days studying the history of the English language...which is quite captivating I might add.

After graduation, I dreamed of a job in publishing, editing manuscript after manuscript. Unfortunately, the demand for new employees, as in any profession right now, was scarce. After a jobless eight months, I found work as a Writing Assistant at a college. Within the next 10 months I began my new job, entered grad school to earn my Master's in Library and Information Science with a concentration in Children's Librarianship, and married a godly and wonderful man.

Fast forward two years, and here I am, still a new wife, about to graduate with my Master's, and still working as a Writing Assistant. Writing and books are a love of mine and still fill my daily life. Although I work with others' writings daily, I'm missing something. Writing. I miss my own writing. Being able to share my sweet moments with others through the written word on paper....or a computer screen.

Maybe I should start my own blog....

Once I got the idea in my head, I ran with it. Topics filled my thoughts as I laid in bed at night trying to force myself asleep. But I didn't want to just write. I wanted to write with a purpose. I wanted to talk about things that matter most to me, like my faith, family, food, fitness, football....(hmmm, I'm sure there's another "f" I'm forgetting, like fondness for books). So I planned, plotted, and organized (because I'm such a nerd), and here I am! Writing my first blog post.

THE best salmon salad ever.
Browns game...couldn't feel my toes!
I don't want to bore you; I want to share precious moments with you, hoping to inspire sweet moments of your own. I hope you enjoy Sweet B's Impressions, and maybe learn a thing or two along the way. Oh, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments at

I will instruct you and teach you in the way which you shall go: I will guide you with my eye.
-Psalm 32:8      

With Love and God Bless,