Thursday, June 13, 2013

Takin' It To Work


I'm embarking on a new challenge, and this one's a little longer than my previous weekly challenges. I'm committing myself to 58 days of "Brown Bag Lunches." Which means...I'm packing my lunch for 58 work days straight. (Why 58? Why not? I like 8s.) --->However, this excludes the days I'll be in Chicago, in which the challenge will be halted and promptly resumed upon my return :)

I am a huge advocate of bringing my own lunch, but I haven't been doing a very stellar job as of late. My problem: my produce is going bad faster than I can eat it. So, by the time mid-week rolls around, what I planned on making is no longer edible. Easy solve: buy produce again in the middle of the week. Ummm...."ain't nobody got time for that."

(My OCD grammar side had a very hard time allowing me to type that previous statement. I think I owe Mama a quarter.*)

Another possible solution: stop being lazy and prepare my lunches on Sunday, freezing fruits and veggies if needed. Plus, I have soooooo many easy portable lunch pins (uh, I may have a problem) I'm dying to try and this challenge will help me hop to it!

Lately, my lunches have consisted of a wrap, like this one, or a turkey sandwich (either from Subway or Panera, at least I'm still choosing healthy-ish dining out choices...or a salad from Chipotle). And this is usually a result of my poor lunch planning in the first place. When I look at a wrap I forgot half the ingredients to, the bowl of wilted lettuce, or the even smaller bowl of watermelon, my mind starts to crave a tasty sandwich.

Alas, Day #1 of challenge is no different. This was supposed to be a delicious lunch using leftovers from last night's tacos, but I forgot half the ingredients....tomato, avocado, and plain Greek Yogurt. Having only corn, black beans, and a mixture of brown rice and quinoa made for one dry meal. But very filling with quite the dose of protein.

So, here's to tastier and healthier lunches, more money in my pocket, and discovering some new favorites!

(*When I was little I used to say "I got that" instead of "I have that." Mama decided for every "got" she heard I owed the Grammar Jar a quarter. Thankfully, I'm a fast learner and that was one looong summer. But still to this day, I cringe when I hear someone say "got" and am automatically digging for change.)

With Love and God Bless,


  1. I promise to keep from talking you into eating lunch out...too much, at least!

    1. Ha! You were quite convincing today....although I blame that on the insanity of this morning's program. Ai yi yi.