Monday, January 20, 2014

1. Coffee

Coffee. Coffee.


I'm bringing a new feature to Sweet B's Impressions this year, and it's all about my favorite things. Each post will be completely dedicated to that one favorite thing. And I couldn't think of a more perfect way to start off this series. For those who know me, even if it's just through this blog, it's quite obvious. And it has six letters.


My coffee bar :)
I was a late bloomer in my family. My love for coffee didn't happen until I went to college, where I first learned to enjoy the taste of coffee-flavored things. My love for strong, black coffee began my senior year of college, living with my best friend. Jessica loves to tell the story about how she came back to our apartment one night, around 11 p.m., and I greeted her with "Hey, I just made a pot of coffee! You want some coffee!" She just looked at me and went to bed.

I think most in my family came out of the womb drinking coffee. Mama gave my cousin her first taste of coffee at nine months old. We love our coffee. It doesn't matter what time of day, or night, there's always a pot on. And if not, there will be shortly. My fondest memories are of shared coffee at the kitchen table. The kitchen is where my family gathers. The kitchen is where you wanted to be. It was always filled with family, laughter, stories, food, and the smell of coffee. We didn't need anything else. And I loved that. I'm sure that is why I love coffee so much. It's the memories associated with it. It's the ritual of my coffee time I enjoy so much.

Which reminds me, it's National Coffee Break Day. I hope you are celebrating.

Also, I love coffee everything. Coffee flavored chocolate, ice cream, books, quotes, coffee shops. I love Starbucks. It's my little treat. I like the environment. The smells. The rewards. The customer service. I could write a whole separate "Favorite Things" blog just on Starbucks. But I'm saving you from more obsessed-with-coffee-ramblings.

Bonus. I love COFFEE mugs.

This is what our "beverage" cabinet looks like at the moment. Mostly overflowing with coffee mugs, and of course my many travel mugs. Sadly, the holiday mugs are sitting on a shelf in the basement. (Also, I want to point out that this picture is minus a good three mugs. They're currently being used or have been, and for the moment reside in the dishwasher. Annnnd, a few of my mugs I house at work, that way I have choices. Love choices.)

The below picture was taken two Christmases ago. Mama understands me so well.

Growing up in my family, no one ever had matching mugs. I mean, what fun is that? Opening up the cabinet and selecting the mug that best fits your mood at that exact moment is almost as satisfying as the coffee itself. I loved going to Grandma's and using her cranky "Grandma" mug. I have two favorites, a purple mug and a Starbucks mug, I use at my parent's house, and that big white one [pictured above] has Mama's name all over it when she visits me.

Mr. B, however, does not understand this at all. He's been known to threaten to "clean out" my mug cabinet, asking why I need so many mugs, and when will we have that many people over all needing a mug? In response, I have been known to threaten violence. As mentioned before, my husband does not drink coffee, nor any hot beverage requiring a mug. After seven years of knowing me, and over five years of living together, just recently he has learned he is fighting a losing battle. Now he just rolls his eyes every time I bring home a new coffee mug.

But, we have compromised....only because I understand I cannot use for my lovely mugs. I rotate out my Christmas/holiday/winter mugs. Unfortunately, I'm sure soon I will have to rotate the seasons as well.

This should actually be favorite thing #.5 (because I need the mug first, and then the coffee. But I've been known to drink out of just about anything.)

Bonus. Bonus. Check out this article, from Women's Health Magazine, on indicators you're obsessed with coffee. Guilty of all charges. Except #1. I am quite the morning person :)

With Love and God Bless,


  1. Love everything about this!! That cabinet full of mugs makes me so happy :) I fear our husbands will never understand us!
    Also, you are correct about the 11pm pot of coffee story. I love telling it because I knew that was the moment I had completely brought you over to the dark side, you're welcome!
    Finally, please write a favorite thing about Starbucks.

    1. Thank you for bringing me over to the strong, bitter, dark side! And, yes, our husbands need to turn the other way. Because you are my dear friend, I will write an "Ode to Starbucks" post :)

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    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I'll definitely be perusing these links :) I haven't posted anything for a while now; I'm kind of on a blog hiatus, but think you for commenting. It makes my day.