Monday, November 24, 2014


I'm currently....

Watching.... football, and a lot of it. But I'm also gearing up for the plethora of TV Christmas specials, plus the huge selection on Netflix. This right here is why I'm never behind on my wrapping. You must multi-task, people! It's the only way to get things done, allowing the last few days before Christmas to be relaxing, peaceful, and fun instead of stressed, exhausting, and busy.

Eating.... PUMPKIN. This is odd for me. I guess I'm a new woman. Pumpkin cookies, pumpkin oatmeal, and an amazing pumpkin smoothie I've been devouring every morning as of late. I will share with y'all this tasty breakfast-to-go soon. It pretty much consists of every healthy thing I have in my fridge.

Planning.... my huge Polar Express interactive movie program at work.There's going to be games, hot chocolate, train tracks, presents, snowballs, and popcorn. And many, many more things if only I can get everything accomplished. I'm starting to slightly panic because with Thanksgiving approaching, I realize I only have eight (eekk!) working days to finish. It looks like I'll be cutting props out through my turkey dinner.

Reading....a couple of things, per usual, but I have picked up Scarlett again. I first read this Gone with the Wind inspired "sequel" years ago and never finished it actually, which I find funny because I always thought I had. Apparently, I became distracted with Rhett Butler's People, which I did finish, by the way. Margaret Mitchell's novel is my second favorite book (right behind Pride and Prejudice), but considering it's length, I return to it every five years. After excitingly experiencing the movie in actual theaters this year for it's 75th anniversary, I realized it had been a while since I last picked it up. I checked and discovered I was due to read it again. (Thank goodness for GoodReads!) However, I'm opting to turn through Scarlett instead...since I, regretfully, forgot about it.

Inspired by.... my puppy. I'm a huge lover of snow and I enjoy the colder weather, but after watching Mr. Darcy's first experience with snow, I am falling in love with it all over again! Too bad we had this heat wave (hovering around the 50-degree mark) because it melted all the snow. Mr. Darcy is very confused when he heads outside. I keep promising him more will be on its way. I must show him the snow dance.

Excited about....THANKSGIVING!!!! For the food, family, games, football, pumpkin cookies, the PARADE! I love it all. My husband and I are both off the few days after; the BIG GAME is this weekend, and Turkey Day opens the door to the best holiday of them all :)

With Love and God Bless,

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