Saturday, November 29, 2014

Cookie Monster


Sweet B's Christmas Cookie Baking List.

I'm fully aware y'all have been sitting on the edge of your seats, checking the blog, and wondering this entire month when I would post my mile-long baking to-dos for this season. IT'S HERE!

Of course, I have my regular must-make-so-everyone-is-happy items, which include:

Mr. B's Chocolate Chip Cookies. Earlier this year I stumbled across a vegan recipe and, along with a few personal touches, I haven't made another recipe since. This is THE cookie dough for those who like to eat cookie dough. <-- that would be me.

*On a side note: I have already made these cookies twice this month for said husband. I have learned to only bake a dozen cookies at a time, freezing the rest of the dough and pulling it out once the house has been devoid of the last batch for a few days. I'm trying to space these out! It's not working. We're just eating the cookie dough instead.

Black Bottom Cups.
Almond Blueberry Cookies.
Grandma Barb's Cut-Outs.
Browned Butter Cookies with Caramel Frosting.Two years now and no one else has received these cookies on their platters. If I don't stop Mr. B from eating them all this year, I might start opening hate mail. I [casually] mentioned this to him, he responded with a firm "Everybody else eats all of the other cookies and I only like these cookies. These are mine." Okay.
Reindeer Chow-Chow.
Apple Snickerdoodles.
Apricot Pinwheels.
Pretzel Bark. We forgot to didn't, umm, make this last year. I heard about it. Multiple times. It was also "suggested" that I don't forget it this year, and to make some with white chocolate.

Let's see, this now brings me to the new [finalized] cookie recipes I've been waiting all year to try:

Pioneer Woman's Angel Cookies. Found in her first cookbook, I'm considering making Ree's simple cookies for my "Polar Express" program at work, complete with reindeer faces. I think my kiddos will love them. (Or possibly the Snowmen S'mores I never got to last year.)

Cranberry-Lemon Cookies. I feel like I need a holiday-ish cookie, and to me "cranberries" scream holiday. And you know I love lemon. Giada's cookies look perfect.

Cranberry Bliss Cookies. I was all set on the above cranberry cookies when Pinterest led me to these. I immediately added them to my list because, with two cranberry cookie recipes, I'm sure to at least make one of them. Right? And they're copy-cats. Although I have yet to try the original bar. I go to Starbucks for the coffee, people!

Cappuccino Cookies. I think these are a must. Maybe use instant espresso instead....

Either the Mocha Madness Cookies from a past Cooking Club endeavor, or my Triple Chocolate Cookies that have been with me since the very first Baking Extravaganza but have yet to be made again since their debut (not sure why; they were well received).

The Raspberry Poinsettias I made with my mother-in-law a few years back that were heavenly, but lacked greatly in the appearance department. Maybe I'll give them another try with a little more patience this year.

Salted Bailey's Chocolate Truffles. I will try to make sure the Bailey's actually makes it into the truffles. No promises.

No-Bake Gingerbread Pumpkin Snowballs. Gotta love the no bakes :)

Giant Chai Tea Frosted Cookies. I believe, truly, third time is the charm. (fingers crossed) If not, I'll be a third-year failure.

Flourless Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies. I have a few people on my list who will looovvveee these.

Daphne Oz's Cherry Crusaders Cookies. The oatmeal-cherry-walnut cookies I saw featured on my beloved show, The Chew.

Peanut Butter Lava Cookies. Because when I first looked at these pictures, I might have drooled a bit.

Fudge? Bars? Bread? Extra treats? I'm attempting to keep a cookie mind this year. I am well aware I will fail at this attempt. If I don't write it down and then don't do it, I will feel like less of a failure when it comes to checking off ALL to-dos on my list. I'll drink to that. Bailey's that is ;)

This year Jessica's mother-in-law is joining us. We'll have to check our crazy.

What's on your baking list this season?

Happy Holiday Baking!

With Love and God Bless,


  1. No don't have to check your craziness.

    1. Haha we'll see; I'm sure you'll be abandoning your own kitchen ;)