Thursday, August 7, 2014

Nutty Chocolate Breakfast Shake

I know it's been a little shake/smoothie/beverage overload on here lately this summer, but I am not at all sorry. As the months get warmer, the more I crave something fast and cold to jump start my mornings. Today I'm sharing my new morning obsession favorite, and a heads up(!) I'll be sharing another smoothie favorite next week. I.cannot.stop.drinking.this. It's the perfect shake for me. It's all about the peanut butter taste with half the calories, made possible by PB2. I love PB2, and you can read/purchase more about it here, but basically it's powdered peanut butter. Regular PB2 has 23 calories, 1 fat, 1 sugar. Compared to one of my favorites, Trader Joe's raw almond butter, which has 95 calories, 9 fat, 1 sugar.

The product recommends mixing a tablespoon of PB2 with water, but ewwww. Yuck. Instead, I throw it into my shakes. I know a few people who have used it in baked goods, which is next on my list, but for now I'm inhaling it by the glassful. I kid you not, my friends. I've been enjoying this Nutty Shake every morning for days now. Even when I ran out of protein powder, I blended on. Alas, I ran out of PB2. This has made for a very sad Brindi.

While at work, Mr. B called to let me know he was heading to the store and asked if I needed anything. I squealed "YES!" and began to describe my PB2, what it looked like and where in the store it was located. "Umm, yeah. Anything normal?"

I did not get my PB2.

The day after I purchased my first PB2, I received a message from my co-worker telling me about this awesome product she stumbled upon at Target (love Target), and knowing I enjoy smoothies and peanut butter, needed to tell me about it. It was PB2. Seriously. This stuff is awesome.

Mixed with vanilla protein powder and coconut oil, this makes for one satisfying breakfast shake. I drink half when I get up, and place the other half in the freezer to chill while I get ready for the day.  I grab it as I head out the door, and finish it on my way to work. It keeps me full and energized until lunch. Love it. Love it. Love it. Obsessed? Definitely. In need of purchasing the bulk size for sure.

Nutty Chocolate Breakfast Shake

Serves 1

1 c unsweetened almond milk
1 T chia seeds
2 heaping T PB2 (with cocoa)
1 heaping T raw coconut oil
1 heaping T cottage cheese (<--- makes it delightfully creamy)
Pinch of xanthan gum
5-7 ice cubes
Optional: when I have it on hand, 1/2 frozen banana, sliced (for a little added sweetness)

Combine all ingredients in a blender and mix until desired consistency is reached, adding more ice or water if needed.

Nutritional information (without banana): 283 Calories, 24 Fat, 11 Protein, 8 Fiber, 4 Sugar

With Love and God Bless,

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