Friday, February 6, 2015

Lately, I'm Obsessed

1. I.cannot.stop.drinking.LaCroix. My current favorite is the Peach Pear. I mean you should see the recycling bin at work....

2. My last few Sunday mornings have been spent poring over my latest cookbook purchases. How Sweet Eats and Dashing Dish (plus the Dashing Dish Devotional), these girls did amazing jobs with their books. Which, of course, comes as no surprise. Have you checked out their blogs?! I've been following these chicas for years and am super excited for them.

3. So, Mr. Darcy has his own Instagram account. You can follow him here @thedarcychronicles.

This is completely ridiculous, I know. You can blame Mr. B. It was his idea. He was jealous of all the other corgis out there with accounts, and I mean a plethora of corgis with accounts. Where do people find the time to manage it??! When I walk through the door, Mr B is all "Have you posted a photo today? Have you seen his number of followers? You need to post for them! They want to know what he's doing." Hello? I don't even know what I'm doing. He is getting crazy.

4. Reading all of the new Youth Media Award WINNERS. They were announced this past Monday. I must get on this. Drop everything and put these suckers on hold. So said every present (and past, ahem,) Youth Services Librarian.

5. Ummm, did I mention I'm going to see GARTH BROOKS tonight??!!!!! GAHHHHHHHH! I can't sit down. I can't focus. I may just put on some music and feed the preschoolers sugar for story time today.  We all need to get excited! I think his "People Loving People" would be appropriate.... I'm sure it's best I'm only working half a day. I'm sure it's best for all. GAHHHHHHHH!

And if this happened?

I.Would.Have.Died. Right.There.Y'all.

AFTER the song, of course.

With Love and God Bless,

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