Saturday, February 21, 2015


1. I'm a little too excited that I have only ONE program this week and it's not until SATURDAY. After almost a program-a-day for the last two weeks, I am ready to just sit at my computer and order books! Or to sit and stare at the shelves I should be weeding. Or to run around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to figure out what I'm doing for next week's programming. Or to peruse through the three stacks of new books currently sitting on my desk in hopes of actually seeing my desk again. Or.... Well, you know. Just another day at the library. :)

2. And speaking of the library.... I get quite the enjoyment out of peeking at what the staff is reading. Every day we lay our books on the break room table, and I love noting our different tastes or finding a new title to my ever growing to-read list. The I Work at a Public Library book has been passing through all of our hands. Currently, it's my turn. FYI, as my co-worker mentioned while reading it, "It's kind of boring. We could easily top these escapades." No truer words were spoken. We see and hear some crazy stuff. PEOPLE are crazy. I suggested we start taking notes on our "incidents" to re-enact later for YouTube videos.

3. Lately, I can't get enough smoothies. And even though the high these days is slightly above zero, I still want my hands on a cold, creamy smoothie. I've been drinking ones with fresh o.j., strawberries, and others with almond butter and banana, and even one with coffee and unsweetened cocoa powder. Very satisfying in the A.M. let me tell you.

4. THE OSCARS ARE ON SUNDAY!!!!!! You know I get all too hyped-up for this award show. I think this is the first year in awhile that I haven't watched most of the movies and really have no predictions. I just can't wait to watch!!! And, you know, hope to see my favorites.

7. And The DAYTONA 500. Also on tomorrow. How'd a girl get so lucky?! Come on, Jr. Repeat???

6. Oh, and I'm over the cold. I am a lover of snow and winter. Honestly, I truly am. Last Saturday when I looked out the window and it was a complete white-out, I was super-excited. Like a little kid. However, I'm over having to pull on seven layers just to take Mr. Darcy outside to do his business.

And I must do this because, like his mama, Mr. Darcy loves snow. Every single time he spends the first 10 minutes just face-planting in it and eating as many snow ice cubes as his little mouth can hold before I catch him. Yes, I am looking forward to 30-degree weather. Which is possible tomorrow. Along with 3-8" of snow. We pick our battles, people.

With Love and God Bless,

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