Sunday, February 1, 2015

{Super} Sunday Sweets


How many of you are gathering with friends and family to watch the game today????

My family always gets together for the big game, and this year is no exception...even though a few tears were shed when Dallas (daddy's team) and Green Bay (my aunt's and grandma's team) were eliminated. We're still all in. It's tradition over here. Big TV. Packed room. And more food than you can imagine. It's fabulous.

It's football.

It's Sunday.

It's sweet.

Except for this....

This beautiful snow globe of white is why Mr. B and I are staying home today. My family is almost two hours away, and I love 'em and I'll miss watching the game with 'em, but I'd prefer to NOT end up in a ditch, ya know?

(However, I did drive a few miles down our street to pick up a family bucket from KFC. Definitely recommend staying off the roads if you're currently getting this crazy blizzard.)

Soooo....the snowstorm hits and plans change. Now, there's a possibility the in-laws may be over to watch the game tonight (they're only five minutes away) and food plans consist of a brownie sundae bar with all the fixin's, including three types of granola, vanilla ice cream, Greek yogurt, and whipped cream. Of course, there are plenty of fruit toppings to choose from, which also doubles as a choose-your-own-fruit-salad bar for those who may not want to indulge in a brownie sundae. I'm not sure who those people are and, truth be told, they probably aren't invited anyway.

I even cut out the brownies in cute football helmet shapes to coordinate with the days' festivities. I made football helmet krispie treats as well. These are the healthier option. Instead of rice krispies and butter, I used 6 cups puffed rice, 4 cups mini marshmallows, and 3 tablespoons coconut oil. DELICIOUS. And Mr. B never even knew the difference.

But, just in case you are in need of throwing together a quick appetizer or are of the I-don't-know-what-to-bring-to-a-Super-Bowl-party lot, here are a few delicious recipes worthy of gracing your game-day table.

Nachos (Two Ways)
Cold Vegetable Pizza (a popular reader item here on Sweet B's)
Ham & Cheese Crescents
Apple Coleslaw
Zesty Broccoli Dip
Potato Skins (definitely a must!)
Multiple Crescent Rolls recipes...quick, simple, and delicious.
Baked Egg Rolls and Snack Plates

Also bar-themes are excellent choices when one must feed a hungry crowd. Some of my favorites are baked potato bar, chili bar, nachos/taco bar, popcorn bar, or something I stumbled across the other day: a mac and cheese bar. What?! And don't forget DESSERT! Krispy treats are always a hit. (Ice cream bars/sundaes are perfection, obviously.)

Who y'all rooting for today?

I'm thinking we're anti-Seattle over here. Go AFC!

With Love and God Bless,


  1. We had to nix our plans for the day due to the weather too :(

    1. But you all made a HAPPY SNOWMAN instead!