Monday, March 30, 2015


I'm currently....

Watching.... The Wizard of Oz. And multiple times, too. My program is next Wednesday. Eight working days until go time...err show time.

Eating.... well, actually, I'm drinking a Matcha Green Tea Frappe from my be-loved Starbucks, and can we say holy crow, this is SWEET. Yikes. My teeth hurt and I was only able to drink a third of it before I stuck it in the freezer to finish later. But I like it. Next time, I'm definitely getting it unsweetened and no whip. It is dessert in a cup for sure.

Planning.... Easter dishes. I know I'm taking a dessert to Grandma's, but as for a side I'm still contemplating. What are y'all Easter plans? Trying anything new or bringing crowd favorites?

Reading.... I just started reading Killing Patton after months and months of being on my library's holds list. I liked his other three, and this is definitely the person/area I know the least about.

Inspired by.... what my church is doing this year. Yesterday, during Sunday service, my pastor announced what our vision is for the year and upcoming plans. Here are SEVEN things Faith Family is up to:
1) a new book
2) getting back on radio and TV
3) online service streaming in prisons
4) debt reduction
5) starting daycare and preschool
6) Tony Dungy is speaking during the NFL Hall of Fame Weekend festivities <--- which means I must move his book to the top of my TBR list.
7) opening new church campuses

To say I'm stoked and excited and blessed to belong to such an amazing church is an UNDERSTATEMENT. Ahhhhhh, so, so ready to see all God has in store! Go. Grow. Give.

Excited about.... SPRING. I'm ready to get elbows deep in my garden. I'm ready to compost. I'm ready to be outside. More walks through the park. More playtime. More activity. Bring.It.On.

With Love and God Bless,

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