Wednesday, November 25, 2015


I'm currently....

Watching.... My husband has me addicted to the Netflix's sereis, Longmire. It's like the main character was a student of Chuck Norris, but in a much more subtle, mysterious, Wyoming way. And everyone is against Branch, but he's secretly my favorite and everyone needs to be nicer to him!! Mr. B now refuses to call Mr. Darcy anything but Corgmire.

Eating.... For the life of me, I cannot.get.enough.Golden.Delicious.apples. Like.not.enough. Right now they are the sweetest thing. And so juicy. I can't stop eating them. Over the weekend I had four within a 24-hour period. I'm usually more of a Granny Smith kind of girl. I like a good pucker. But these... these are the best thing in life right now.

Planning.... Thanksgiving dinner menu!!! Bring on the sides and the leftovers and not having to cook for two days.

Reading.... Yesterday I started a recently published book, The Bronte Plot. It's labeled as "Christion Fiction", but so far I'm not seeing it. I'm about halfway through and it is good. The main character finds, buys, and sells rare books...but not necessarily in the most honest way. Now she's embarking on a London literary tour of sorts, hoping that going back will help her move forward. I'm a sucker for main characters in book professions, set in book stores, and anything to do with literature. Sucker, I tell ya.

Inspired by.... the children I work with. The things they say, their views and opinions, what they're thankful for, what they are happy about, their smiles... melts my heart <3

Excited about....ummm, I'm off until Monday, y'all! And starting with seeing my family tomorrow, I have a lot planned over the next few days, like Christmas shopping (actually on Black Friday, hence the FRIDAY part), gathering for the Big Game (please come back from your atrocious display last Saturday, Buckeyes! I'm begging you!), and putting out the rest of the Christmas decor, and yes, baking. It's never too early, my friends.

Have a healthy, happy, and blessed Thanksgiving!

With Love and God Bless,

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