Wednesday, November 4, 2015


1. I'm making it a priority to make time for myself here and there before the holiday obligations commence. I can get sooooo wrapped up in shopping, decorating, baking, giving, traditions, and visiting that before I know it I'm overwhelmed and lose focus of the reason for the season. Which is Jesus, my friends. It's always Jesus.

2. So, I'm taking time to get organized as well. I came across this handy-dandy November to-do list. This is right up my alley. After this weekend, I will be on top of things.

3. As part of my me time, on my past Monday off, I went shopping. For work pants only. I was in desperate need of new dress pants. And where else can a short, petite lady shop than my favorite store Banana Republic. Talk about perfect timing, too. All pants were 30% off. I scored a cute gray pair for less than ten bucks! At Banana Republic!! And I wasn't even at the outlet store!!! My love for you is strong, BR.

4. On a more unfortunate side of things, Mr. B found a tick on Mr. Darcy this morning. Ick. He had one last year at this time. He just loves playing in the leaves. And we can't keep him out of the woods. My poor little pup. I feel like a fur-parent failure. I gave him extra eggs this morning to make up for the trauma.

5. As you can see in my above photo...guess what's back? It's red cup Season. Yes! Which means it's hot caramel apple spice season. Yes!! Which eventually turns into hot chocolate season. Yes!! Annnnd Starbucks hot chocolate is like a drug, people. Addictive with a capital A-DDICTIVE.

5. Oh, and this weather?!?! It's November. It's 75 degrees in Ohio. In November. I mean do we get out the pool or rake the leaves? Do we dig out the patio furniture or the Christmas lights? What is going on.... ??

With Love and God Bless,

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