Monday, January 21, 2013

7 Days 1 Challenge: Four

Okay, so how did not eating after 6 p.m. work for everyone? I'll be honest not so well over here.
But only because the hubby and I went to Las Vegas last week (post coming soon) for a little vacation....and I'm on vacation so I'm going to enjoy it. I was good until Wednesday when we left (I also allowed myself sweets while on's a must) and now that we're home, I'm back on the fasting wagon. However, this year I have been fasting food after 6 p.m. since January 2, as part of my church's monthly beginning-of-the-year fast, and other than last week's vacation, I only caved once. I blame Mr. B. I was doing fine until I got home one day and made him dinner. FYI, while fasting food, have others make their own food.

Ahhh, I digress. Here's this week's challenge.

*In case you're new to these challenges, the challenge starts on Monday and ends Sunday night. The following Monday I'll post a new challenge.

This week's challenge:
Drink hot water with lemon first thing!

Source: Yahoo! Images
I love this challenge, especially in the winter. It seems every January I attempt to drink hot water with lemon as soon as I get up. I love it. And I do it often, not just in the winter. It's a great way to start the day, it warms you up, gives a little Vitamin C, and is quite satisfying. Definitely give this one a try!!!
P.S. And I love it for its detoxing benefits.

Who wants to take the weekly challenge? Let me know by sharing your thoughts/struggles and link ups below!

With Love & God Bless,


  1. this is doable! I started today and I loved it!

    1. If I could suggest adopting any of these challenges into your daily life....this is definitely it. It's a great way to get your water intake when it's cold outside and the last thing you want is an ice cold glass of water. Tastes so good. I often do it throughout the day and on days when I feel I've had too much coffee. (Haha I tried to get that out without laughing.)