Monday, May 12, 2014

Real Life---> Wellness & a Salad

I find it comical that I'm sitting here writing a wellness post for y'all while I'm recovering from the 24-hour stomach flu, which took me out completely this past weekend. And I mean OUT. I missed worked, fretted over program coverage, high fever, dazed and confused for sure. I don't get sick, and when I do it's usually a bout of sinuses and very rarely a head cold. Praise Jesus that I don't get nauseous because I can't handle it. I think it is the worse feeling in the world. Give me a fever. I'll take a whole week of severe allergies if it means I don't have to be nauseous. Lord, help me if and when I become pregnant someday (not that plans for that are soon, mind you.) Actually, Lord, help my husband. I'm sure that will be a definite "for worse."

But after two days of stomaching only soda crackers and a sip or two of Ginger Ale (and then spilling said Ginger ale all over the coffee table rug), I'm feeling much better. Just in time for Monday. Instead of busting out my yoga mat or the new Pilates challenge I was eager to start (just delaying it a day or two) on this dreary, albeit muggy, morning, I'm allowing myself a full day to recover, easing my way back into my routine. So I'm bundled up on the couch enjoying my protein shake, ready to share a few wellness highlights I've been participating in these past few months.

The first involves my place of employment. Over the past year, my job has formed a Wellness Committee in order to encourage its employees to make healthier lifestyle choices by providing diet and exercise motivation. I have the opportunity of serving on this committee and have found it very interesting how differently people view "wellness." Some challenges the committee has organized include:
  • "Lose to Win" This was a 12-week program running from mid October through mid December. Each employee weighed themselves on a scale in the office, and whoever lost the most weight/body fat won. Also, it was a team effort, so the winning team won Walgreen's gift cards. (I'm proud to say I was on the winning side of this one.) Yet, I think most employees were discouraged with this program because of the whole weighing-in.
  • "Racin' Route 66" was an 8-week program. Those participating calculated the amount of steps he/she took every day. Employees were given pedometers to count the steps. The individual who went the farthest distance received a Fit Bit Flex. Since it was a team challenge, each member of the winning team received Fit Bit Zips. (I now have an indentation on my hip from the pedometer. Ouch.) On a side note: it's actually National Odometer Day.

"Racin' Route 66" was the most recent wellness challenge, and it just ended last week. I am a very competitive person, and to say my team actually came in last(!) is upsetting. Who would have thought the Youth Librarians would end up dead last?! As another co-worker and I joked, next time we pick our own teams. A little competition and humor is good for everyone. Losing is sad, humbling, and motivational, so I keep telling my wounded pride. The goal of the whole challenge: to get people to realize how little they actually walk every day. Instead of emailing or calling, if you can, get out of your chair and walk over to the other person. Instead of playing on the computer or reading on all of your breaks, take a 20-minute walk (weather permitting, or stairs permitting, of course). And from what I overheard throughout the last eight weeks, it sounded like we accomplished just that. We brought awareness to how often we sit throughout our day. And unless I did something outside of work, on the days I worked, I wasn't very active. Unless I have a program going on, I am mostly sitting at my desk. Learning this was discouraging; however, I'm now more conscious of what I need to do outside of work to keep active. I make better use of sunny days and 20-minute breaks. I make an effort to walk around my department more, to walk to my co-worker's desk to speak with her (although she might find this annoying), to take that walk before or after dinner as often as I can. Would I be too nerdy if I told you I'm looking forward to the next challenge?

Source: Google Images

Another little personal "wellness" thing I've been doing, now that more fruits and vegetables are in season, is adding salads to my daily meals. If not adding, then I'm aiming to make one meal a day a big salad. My most recent creation is this healthy tuna salad I've been devouring. Yet, I'm limiting myself with these because I know there is all this talk about high mercury levels in tuna and you shouldn't eat it too often. Oh, but it's so good.

Healthier Tuna Salad with Arugula
Serves 1

1 pouch tuna in water (or 2-3 oz)
2 cups arugula
1/4 c cucumber, chopped
1/4 c bell pepper, chopped
1/4 c tomato, chopped
1 hard-boiled egg, chopped
splash of olive oil
splash of balsamic vinegar
sprinkle of pepper

Layer ingredients in a bowl and top with oil, vinegar, and pepper. Enjoy with a few crackers. YUM-O.

Also it's National Salad Month, so eat up!

With Love and God Bless,


  1. I think we both walked to one another's desks more often during the walking challenge. :)

  2. That salad looks so yummy!! I am adding the ingredients to my grocery list right now!

    1. It's so simple yet so tasty. Enjoy, Jess!