Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday Sweets


Y'all, I have been waiting FOREVER for a puppy dog of my own. (And now I can finally cross off the first thing on my 30 Before 30 list!) I am a huge dog person, and I love these four-legged family members. And from where I come from, they are family members. And we've had many of them, with plenty of love to go around.

Side note: a running list in my parent's household includes JoJo (Cocker Spaniel), ----> failed attempts with Chance (Chow-Chow/Lab mix) and Teeny (Dachshund) until we found the perfect fit with Sammy (Chihuahua), then he passed and my parents gave order...Ice (Siberian Husky), Sheldon (collie), and Tiki (Jack Russel/Lab mix). Since I've been out of the house, my parents have had Franklin--a.k.a. Chopper (terrier mix?), Rizzo (Maltese/Papillon mix), and after her unexpected passing now have Gibbs (mix?).

[Don't even get me started on other beloved family members' pets which names include, Tippy, Taffy, Lucky Charms, Monica and Chandler, Buffy, PJ, Jake, and mention a few. Did I mention we love our puppy dogs over here? Did I mention I love finding out pets' names? I think the pet's name says a lot about its owner.]

I'm sure you can imagine my disappoint when I met Mr. B, almost seven years ago, and discovered he was the proud owner of Siamese. Yes, I'm not a cat person, never have been. This probably stems from the first cat [and LAST cat] I ever owned at the age of eight. Her name was Bootsy (because she was all black except for her four white paws) and she was nothing but a living terror for the month or so we had her. She kept trying to get out of our house, tearing down the screens, biting people, and finally we set her free. She continued to haunt our neighborhood for years.

Whoa, big sidetrack. Anyhoo. On Friday we picked up this cutie, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and he'll be nine weeks old tomorrow. I love him to pieces. I mean Be.Still.My.Heart.

Oh, Mr. Darcy, you are just precious on a stick.

Since we were picking him up near my hometown, we had to stop and show him off. Mama and my aunt fell all over him. How can you not?! Just look at that face. And those stubby legs. And that BUTT! Once we arrived home, two hours later with no accidents or issues, the neighbors and in-laws were all over him. Mr. Darcy is definitely not shy, loves the outdoors, and enjoys car rides. Siamese is handling this new four-legged intruder quite well actually. When we entered the house, she hissed at him to let him know who's boss. She is constantly following him around, keeping a close eye, and glares whenever Mr. B shows him any attention. I think we have one jealous lady. Mr. Darcy was scared of her that first night, yet after a good night's sleep he's now quite curious of her. But we're keeping them at a distance for now....

We made it through almost 24 hours without any accidents. And, as of now, we had only one little incident. Can I brag a little more on this sweet boy? In less than two days, Mr. Darcy knows how to fetch and bring back, tug with his toys, knows where his food and water bowls are and the times he gets his meals, and is bell potty-trained. Two days, my friends. Two days. And this morning, he now knows his name. Corgis are brilliant dogs. I am one proud Mama.

And these two...I can't get enough of watching them together. Best buddies.

However, I can't get anything done! Mr. Darcy loves playing and chewing, but you need to be right by him. If you walk away or turn your head to look at the phone or the TV or a chipmunk running across the driveway, he immediately stops what he's doing and nips at your heels (herding you) until you give him 100% of your attention. And I can't pick him up and carry him around. Oh no, this little boy is too busy exploring and chewing everything. He does not have time to be held. He gets all squirmy, and his stubby legs get going. If he's tired or scared then, by all means, cuddle away. Mr. B keeps telling me to put him in his exercise pen (THE best purchase ever--but more on that later), but I feel bad keeping him confined if I don't want him to nap. But his puppy-self needs many naps.

And, y'all, oh how he loves his tennis ball and carrots.

Heads up! Puppy pictures galore will soon be all over this blog, I'm sure. :)

I'll post a puppy update soon. Until then, I'll be over here trying to keep all my fingers.

With Love and God Bless,

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