Friday, June 13, 2014

Seriously?! and a List {Blog Series}

Y'all will never believe what happened! Don't worry. I took plenty of pictures.

Around 1 a.m. this past Wednesday, Mr. B and I were alarmingly awoken by a drunk driver running into our deck. Praise the Lord no one was injured and the house (other than siding, gutters, and minor window scrapes) wasn't damaged. All of the neighbors were out conversing with the police and firefighters, while a paramedic warned us to not come out our front door. After heading out the back door and assessing the damage, we are very thankful we had a deck in the first place. If not, I'm sure the car would have landed in our living room and halfway up the stairs.

Apparently, the drunk driver came flying out of the park entrance across the street and forgot the road ended. Instead of turning, he came straight into our neighbor's yard, crashed into our deck, restarted his car, took off through the rest of our yard, and into the other neighbor's yard before making it back onto the street and fleeing the scene. (Be thankful for your neighbors.) Not only did this kid take off, he then walked back up to the scene and tried to give the police false information. The police followed him back to his house, which is caddy-corner to our own house(!), and discovered the damaged car hiding in his garage. Yes, he was heavily intoxicated, refuse to take a breathalyzer, and has four other accidents on his record, along with prior arrests for drug possession.

To top it all off, he is driving with stolen plates and NO CAR INSURANCE. Y'all, these winners are hard to find.

How is he still allowed to drive?!


Needless to say, we are not happy campers over here. After multiple conversations with our insurance, we're in the process of making a claim, waiting for the insurance people to come out and take pictures, and finding a contractor to rebuild our deck. Oh, and the deck is beyond repair and needs to come down completely. We were informed this cannot be done without cutting into the siding of our house. There is a very high possibility that are particular color of siding is no longer available. Therefore, we may have to get new siding for the ENTIRE house.

It's very hard to observe this pleasant young man and his mother across the street every day, and neither has had the decency to even contact us to apologize or anything. Mr. B's desperate self-control is admirable.

But what's most important here is no one was hurt. The house is fine. The deck and grill can be replaced. Thank you, Jesus!

Ai. Yi. Yi. The joys of home-ownership.

On a lighter note, I stumbled across another list gem while catching up on Jessica's blog. You know me and my lists, especially lists about what's going through my head as of late. After this week's events, I'm not sure y'all may want to know. But, alas, I need focus elsewhere. [It's more of an extension to my "Currently" posts.]

Eating / Corn on the cob and a lot of it. Ice cream. Ice cream. Ice cream. And juicy peaches perfect for cobbler.
Drinking / Two things. Homemade Strawberry Lemonade. Cashing in my free drink reward and splurging on a Venti Caramel Frappy with 5 shots of espresso and praying the barista is kind and gives me my extra cup of overflowing goodness (see above scenario).
Practicing / yoga yoga yoga. one of the only thing that makes me feel sane. <--- borrowing Jessica's exact words. You would not believe how little I'm able to fit in my mat time between the new puppy, Summer Reading craziness, and the unfortunate demolition of our deck. Mr. B has, on more than one occasion, found me in tears. When asked what's wrong I admit my stress is quite high and I haven't been able to practice for more than 5 minutes. I'm really needing to just head out and hit up a yoga class ASAP. However, these less than 10-minute pilates videos are great for my business.
Mastering / a handstand. I'm participating in the #summersplits2014 yoga challenge and while the whole point is to master the splits, I'm realizing mastering the handstand first would be quite helpful.
Learning / to LET go. and to LET GOD. Seriously need to work on this (which is usually what I'm doing when I'm practicing my asanas).
Trying / to choose easier and faster weeknight meals. It's summer and I should be happy just throwing together BLTs and salads. But my inner cook wants to always try something new...ugh.
Playing / volleyball in our backyard. Mr. B, I think it's time the net goes up!!
Finishing / my intention was my summer bucket list, now it's a new deck before summer ends. Reading / Written in My Own Heart's Blood. Drop everything. Put every other book aside. The newest Outlander installment has been released and found it's way onto my desk yesterday morning. Now, to find the time...I'm sure sleep may be sacrificed!
Remembering / life is short. Things could be worse. Material things don't matter. GOD IS GOOD.
Wearing / SUN DRESSES!!!! Sun dresses GALORE!
Cooking / grilling up some pizzas. It's too dang hot to cook. Oh wait, we are currently without a grill :(
Working / Summer Reading programs. This may be the only time I will actually get my yoga in! I'm excited.
Traveling / to Maine this October. Mr. B and I really need to sit down and decide where exactly we'd like to go. Any suggestions?
Wanting / more hours in the day. But realistically, more coffee and ice cream would suffice.

With Love and God Bless,

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