Thursday, July 24, 2014

4. Mr. Darcy

The puppy love of my life.

I love him and I can't get enough. Can't.get.enough. He is the most handsomest pup in all the land, I tell you. Oh, and boy does he know it!

What a stud. I can't believe this little pup has been in our lives for almost three months now. And he's growing so fast!! He has the attitude of a tween-ager for sure. Remember how I bragged about how smart and brilliant he was at 9 weeks, bell-trained and everything? Umm, yeah. After I posted that, the next day he tore the bell off the wall and refuses to go near it. He can be in the other room, and as soon as he hears somebody accidentally bump it on the counter, he'll come tearing into the kitchen like a wild banshee ready to tear the thing to bits. Since then, he just sits and stares at the door when he needs to go out, which is awesome but a lot less "alerting" to the humans.

Oh, and he likes to be fancy. He has taste, y'all.

10 Things About Mr. Darcy:
  1. He does not like toys with stuffing in them. If you give him one, he will immediately chew it to bits.
  2. He prefers his lemonade with strawberries, thank you very much.
  3. He can't wait to howl along with the clock chimes every hour on the dot.
  4. He loves chasing ice cubes around the house on hot days. And on particularly miserable and humid hot days, you will find him plopped down in front of his fan. (But he'd much rather sit inside the fridge.)
  5. When Daddy leaves for work in the morning, he can't wait to plop down on his pillow and sleep in with Mama. And then, of course, Mama would much rather snuggle with him than get in an early yoga session.
  6. He gets super excited when Mama let's him lick the empty nut butter jar.
  7. After walking through the park, he insists Daddy drives him around the block so he can feel the wind in his ears as he hangs out the car window for a much needed cool down.
  8. He loves snacking on carrots, but a spoonful of plain Greek yogurt or cottage cheese are his favorites.
  9. He can play tug-of-war for an hour and not get bored. He's awfully kind about it too, making sure you have enough of the super slobbery end so you won't lose your grip when he fixes to tug like crazy. Bless him.
  10. He's exactly like Daddy. Doesn't want to be cuddled, sleeps through thunderstorms, and moves about 50 hundred times before finding the perfect spot in front of the fan.
As I said before, he's cute and he knows it.

I can't bear being away from him. Going to work most mornings and saying good bye is heart-wrenching (for us both, I'm sure). Actually, I contemplated (once or twice) not taking our vacation trip to Maine this fall because the idea of leaving him all by his lonesome, with my in-laws or boarded, just breaks my heart. Maybe we could take a shorter trip and take him with us? [Let's keep this thought between us. Mr. B doesn't need to know everything, mmm'kay?]

He's Mama's favorite.

With Love and God Bless,


  1. :) Dogs are special blessings, aren't they? He's super adorable and I just love how they all have their own personalities. So precious! Loved this post!!
    -Aunt Joann

    1. Yes!! Such a special blessing. Reminds me of a quote Jeremy Renner once said in an interview when asked about his love for his French Bulldogs, "You don't own the dog. You can provide a nice lifestyle for them, but you don't own them. You're just lucky enough to share experiences together." <3

  2. I will puppy sit for you...Zane would love it!

    1. Too bad you aren't closer. Thanks for the offer!