Sunday, December 11, 2011

Luckies and I, We're LikeThis.

What I Had For Breakfast Today: Lucky Charms. I know, nothing homemade and filled with oats. You're probably disappointed. But ever since I was shafted on Black Friday and didn't get my 99-cent cereal, I've been craving my Luckies. Yesterday, while Christmas shopping at Target, I broke down and bought a box.

Now, me and Lucky Charms, we go way back. I've loved this cereal since I was a wee one, but we didn't have it in the house much (which is a good thing, because I probably would have grew tired of it...just like me and tuna). One, it wasn't the healthiest cereal. And two, it was on the more expensive side. Mama tried to buy me the knock-off brand. It tastes nothing like my Luckies, and I'd rather go without than have that sad excuse for a "Charm."

When I went off to college and got my own little plastic card, (you know, the one you use to buy groceries at the school's ridiculously high prices, and don't really think about it until you graduate, and six months later your loan bill shows up in your mail box, and you cry out "Why did I choose a food plan?!" and shake your fist and cry, and then drastically decide to get a Master's so you can put off your loan payments for a few years. Yeah, that card.) I was in heaven with my endless supply of Lucky Charms, which cost me almost $5 a box. (!)

Mama would call often to see how my first year at school was going, and most of our conversations started off like this:

Mama: Hi, how's everything going?

Me: Great, I'm eating dinner.

Mama: Oh, what are you having?

Me: A bowl of Lucky Charms.

Mama: Didn't you have that for dinner last night?

Me: Yep. And I had it for breakfast. And I'll probably have it for breakfast tomorrow.

Mama: Brindi! You're eating so much you're going to turn into a Lucky Charm.

I don't think being a Lucky Charm would be so bad. I'd want to be the purple horseshoe or the red balloon.

Daddy and I always joke about how the Amish rip off General Mills. Whenever we go to an Amish store, they're always selling Lucky's "charms" in a big bag. It looks exactly like the marshmallows, as if a bunch of Amish kids are sitting out back picking out all of the marshmallows from the cereal. And then they sell them to customers, like me, who are obsessed with Luckies. Well, when I was little my parents let me buy a bag to put in my plain, boring cereal at home. These so called "charms" look like the real thing, but TASTE nothing like the real thing. It was an awful, traumatic experience. Don't buy those bags. Don't do it.

So, needless to say, yesterday I was so excited to get my Lucky Charms! (And I had a bowl as a late night snack last night.) I will maybe purchase this cereal once or twice a year (everything in moderation), and by the time I reach the bottom of the box, I'm usually so sick of Lucky Charms I don't want to eat another bite. I'm certain it's due to the fact that a box doesn't last longer than 24 hours in my house. Maybe if I rationed it out....

Mr. B got home late last night, and after working out he was starved like always. I suggested he eat some cereal because the milk was going bad in a few days, and I hate wasting. It wasn't until he was on his last few bites that I happened to look over and see he was eating my Luckies. "Hey! I meant your cereal!" He laughed and replied, "Oh, but these are so good. I even made sure I got extra marshmallows in my bowl." What?! "You're not supposed to do that! You only get the charms that come out as you pour." I had a mini panic attack as I explained, while he listened with a huge smirk on his face. Ugh, married life. That was definitely "for worse."

So that, my friends, is why my bowl (cough, mug, cough) this morning looks so empty of Charms.

And why my Luckies don't last very long. Because if I don't eat them right away, Mr. B will. And you should see the size of his cereal bowls!


And to keep up with my challenge...

*December-60 Challenge
What this past week looked like:

Monday: 60 minutes vinyasa yoga
Tuesday: 60 minutes vinyasa yoga
Wednesday: 30 minutes vinyasa yoga
                     30 minutes weight training, arms
Thursday: 30 minutes vinyasa yoga
                  30 minutes cardio routine
Friday: 30 minutes vinyasa yoga
             30 minutes cardio routine
Saturday: 60 minutes vinyasa yoga
Sunday: 30 minutes vinyasa yoga
              30 minutes cardio routine

With love and God Bless,

What's your favorite cereal?

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