Saturday, December 3, 2011

Inside My Life

Every once in a while I plan to share little tidbits of my beautiful, blessed life with all of you. And I'm kicking it off today!

What I ate for breakfast today: Oats in a Jar!!!! I love my oatmeal and peanut butter, and combining the two is a great way to get the last scrapings out of that jar.

I love breakfast. It's like my favorite meal besides dessert.

Since I love to try new recipes, which is one of the reasons for starting Sweet B's, I constantly peruse my cookbook collection (and I have a lot on my Christmas list this year) and decided to give you a tour.

These are my go-to favorites. When I moved into my first apartment with my friend Jessica, I pretty much made almost every recipe in the Taste of Home's Fast Fixes with Mixes. And when my husband decided to toss The 1,000 Best Recipes aside, I dog-eared almost every page. The pictures in this book are mouth-watering. Mr. B's favorite is Everyday Cooking, which his mom gave him when he moved out on his own. The Chocolate and Coffee Bible is a must. (But I'm more excited about the coffee part.)

Next up, my second favorites. The Sunday Night Football Cookbook has some hidden gems that are amazing, which is where I found my classic Cornbread Casserole recipe that I must make for every Thanksgiving. Cookies, Bars, and Brownies come in handy around the holidays, and I wish I used Smoothies and Juices every day.

These usually get shoved to the back and over-looked, but occasionally I'll discover a dish worth making. (Mr. B dislikes any cookbook that doesn't display pictures...he likes to see his end result.)

However, this is my cookbook. It has family recipes, family favorites and recipes I find around the web and drool over while watching Food Network. This is what I would grab if my house caught on fire and I had to grab one thing...and Squirrely, and my jewelry box, and my quilt rack, and my scrapbooks, and my FRIENDS collection, and my cast iron skillet.....ummm, never mind.

Circa 2007. Go Kent State Flashes (Black squirrels are our un-official mascots.)
This is Squirrely. My husband bought him for me along with a dozen peach and pink roses for our very first Valentine's Day together (over 6 years ago). Squirrely stills sleeps in bed with me, and Mr. B can't believe he allows it.

This is our cat, Siamese. Mr. B has had her since before he was driving (and he won't be naming our children; he likes to point out the obvious).

She's 14 and my husband and I are beginning to think she'll live forever which means I'll never get my Chihuahua. Don't be fooled by her beautiful appearance...she'll hiss and claw ya as sure as I'm sittin' here.

We don't need children, we have this lovely feline that wakes Mr. B up every morning because her bowl is empty, meows complains like crazy when no one is paying attention to her, sleeps in our bed when we're not home, walks all over our dining room table while we're sleeping (which just so happens to be glass, so her little paw prints greet us in the morning), tries to steal Mr. B's pizza bread and Kool-Aid (yes, he's five lol), puts her little paws in my cake while it's cooling on the counter, stares us down until we open the blinds so she can put her feet up and look out the window to see what's happening in the parking lot, waits until we go to bed so she can run around the house like crazy to keep her figure (I'm positive our neighbors think we're hiding a Retriever in the apartment), and kneads her blanket until she drives us insane.

I just wanted to show you her darling face because I'm sure you'll be hearing a lot about her.

When my husband and I found this video a few weeks ago, we thought it was just perfect.

And this one, too.


She so silly.

With Love and God Bless,

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