Tuesday, February 7, 2012

THE Best Meatloaf

Growing up, I was never crazy about meatloaf. I mean I liked it, but I wasn't super excited, nor did I spend the day anticipating dinner when Mama told me we were having meatloaf. But it was a staple in our household and I enjoyed it.

When Mr. B and I married, I felt it was my "wifely-duty" to serve my husband meatloaf. So, I found a recipe in one of my trusty cookbooks and set to it. It tasted delicious, and the topping was fabulous. But my meatloaf wasn't a "loaf." As soon as I would slice into it, the whole thing would fall apart. (Maybe I'm exaggerating here, but to me it was falling apart. It did not stay in the coveted loaf form.) Also, I was a little discouraged because, even though I used a lean beef, the grease seemed to sit in the bottom of my loaf pan. I wasn't happy. But Mr. B really, really liked this meatloaf. He hates when I change things, but I knew I needed to find a new recipe.

Then I found Pioneer Woman.

And my new found obsession love for her brought this beautiful meatloaf into my life. Ohmygoodness, is this loaf amazing! It stays together, and I know it's not just because it's wrapped in bacon...that's neither here nor there, and all of the grease drips to the bottom! I never thought of using this pan for meatloaf. Here was this pan, just sitting in my cupboard, taking up space, waiting and wanting to be needed. Well, no more!

Now, when Mr. B tosses ground beef into our shopping cart, I can only think of one thing: Pioneer Woman's Favorite Meatloaf. And then I start salivating. I can no longer wait to have meatloaf. It's now one of my favorite dishes. This meatloaf will change your life. Your mind will ask you things like, "Where have you been all my life?" and "Why am I only learning of you now?"

When I asked Mr. B which meatloaf he liked better, without hesitation and through a mouthful of bacon-wrapped meatloaf, he said, "Umm, this one." You and me both, babe.

A few days ago I shared this fantastic meatloaf recipe with a friend of mine. She made mini meat loafs with the bacon chopped up and mixed into the loaf itself. She came to work the next day full of thanks for turning her on to her now favorite meatloaf. In turn, I said a silent "thanks" to Pioneer Woman.

Head on over to Ree's blog for THE Best Meatloaf recipe!

With Love and God Bless,

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