Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sunday Sweets

1.  This week flew by! My new job is awesome. I just know I'm going to love it and the people there, too.

2. Love that my days are now spent around books, children, programming and crafts. Here are a few crafts I found on Pinterest that I'll be incorporating into upcoming programs.

Fairies in a Jar

3.  Annnnnnd I love having first dibs on the new children's books that come in. Picture books are divine.

4. Oh, and Summer Reading is kicking off next week! Remember Summer Reading at your library when you were a kid? You know, you read a bunch of books or read for a certain amount of time and then you win prizes. Yeah, super excited.

5. I saw this recipe this morning and I absolutely have to make it soon. Only problem, the recipe is not in English. Hmmmmm.

6. Today I met up with my friends from Stark State for a "Tiny Appetizers (and wine) Party." I haven't seen these girls (and Andrew) in a week and I already miss them! I had a blast as always and we decided our next party is Lemonade. LOVE.

7. And for this party I made some ah-mazing dark chocolate fudge with pistachios and espresso. I saw the recipe on The Chew and knew I had to make it. I'll post a review on it soon!

8. I'm really eager to get this house hunting under way. Not that I'm thrilled to drive an hour each way five days a week, but the whole filling-up-my-tank-twice-a-week thing is a little ridiculous. Grrr....

9. My brother is flying in on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't seen him since say I'm ecstatic is a huge understatement.

With Love and God Bless,

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