Monday, May 7, 2012

7 Days 1 Challenge: Nineteen

How did everybody do last week?

I was perfect until Saturday night. My friends and I went out to eat to celebrate my new job, at the library, and afterward I wanted something sweet. So we went to Strickland's for some custard. And I tried the maple. Pretty darn tasty.

I couldn't help it. Celebrations require something sweet. And creamy. And it was worth it.

But it's Monday and that means a new challenge!

*In case you're new to these challenges, the challenge starts on Monday and ends Sunday night. The following Monday I'll post a new challenge.

This week's challenge:
One Green Monster a Day.
Source: Oh She Glows

If you are unfamiliar with Green Monsters, check out Oh She Glows blogger Angela's other site, Green Monster Movement. She created this site to inform others about these healthy green smoothies.These smoothies are fabulous and are a great way to get your daily veggie intake. Angela's web site provides links to readers' Green Monster recipes along with her Classic Green Monster.

Don't worry, in case this is your first introduction to the Green Monster, you can't taste the spinach. It just gives your smoothie more nutrition and changes the color to a pretty green....or sometimes brown when you mix green and red. Which is what happened to me this morning....strawberries, spinach and peaches...not very picturesque.

Try one and you'll be hooked. And remember, the Green Monster is a blank canvas with soooo many options.

So, drink up!

Who wants to take the weekly challenge? Let me know and share your thoughts/struggles and link ups below!

With Love and God Bless,

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