Monday, September 17, 2012

7 Days 1 Challenge: Thirty-Eight

Did everyone get their letters out this week? I did but I can't say who the recipient is because he/she might not have received his/her letter yet.

I really, really enjoyed this challenge and found it to be very calming and a great stress-reliever. It's so nice to catch up with someone and share what's going on in your life, or even to show forgiveness or apologize through the written word on paper. There's just something special about opening an envelope and seeing someone's handwriting.

But anyhoo, it's Monday and time for a new challenge!

*In case you're new to these challenges, the challenge starts on Monday and ends Sunday night. The following Monday I'll post a new challenge.

This week's challenge:
Take time to enjoy your food.
A healthy breakfast I actually made time to enjoy this weekend.

With all of the home remodeling and library program planning that has been going on over here, I'm either wolfing down my food, grabbing something quick and not very nutritious, or missing meals. Definitely not good.

And with the weather getting colder, cold season is right around the corner and I need to be in tip-top shape. So instead of throwing something in the microwave, I'm going to make the time to enjoy the process of making my food as well as eating it.

This also means sitting down at the table instead of eating over the sink or grabbing a bite here and there as I pass by the kitchen, and turning off the TV, computer, etc. By doing this you pay more attention to how much you eat and when your body actually feels full.


Who wants to take the weekly challenge? Let me know by sharing your thoughts/struggles and link ups below!

With Love and God Bless,

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