Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Thirty Before Thirty

Hey y'all.

I celebrated my 27th birthday last Friday. Hap-py, Hap-py, Hap-py Birthday to me!

My celebrations started the day before (on my brother's birthday like they always do, of course) with my family treating me to the county fair, dinner, ice cream, and the Sidewalk Prophets concert, and yes it was unbelievably hotttt.

I just so happened to have my birthday off this year, so my best friend, Jessica, treated me to a picnic lunch at the Cleveland Art Museum, which included wine and a few bites of my favorite desserts. We then went to the Botanical Gardens, where I perused the oldest book I'll probably ever hold. A book from the 1400's found in their rare books collection. As a librarian I was ecstatic. <----nerd, I know. And then we went to Starbucks...for my birthday beverage! Afterwards, we went back to her house so she and her adorable 2 1/2-year-old little boy, Myles, (love this little guy!) could give me my presents....which resulted in the following:

Jessica: Myles, go in the house with Auntie Dee, and we'll give her the presents.
Myles: Okay. (and then to me) My dad is home.
Me: I see that.

I follow him in the house and before I can set my stuff down, he grabs my birthday card off the kitchen table, handing it to me.

Myles: Open it! Open it!
Me: Okay (I open it and attempt to read it, but before I can he's handing me a present.)
Myles: Open it!
Me: (putting the card down and taking the present) Oooohhh, what is it?
Myles: Coffee.
Jessica: (giggling from the kitchen) Myles, You're not supposed to tell her!

Okay, so I didn't think he was actually going to tell me. And the fact that he knew I was holding the coffee present and not the candle, which were very similar in shape, amazed me. AND he's speaking in full sentences! When did he grow up into this smart, creative, and conversational toddler?! (And, in case you were wondering, I did not ask what the other gifts were....I like surprises.)

And speaking of surprises, guess what the hubby gave me this year for my birthday....a new GLASS bowl for my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. This will now take mine and Jessica's Baking Extravaganzas to new levels.

Anyhoo, the main point for this post is to share with you all my "30 before 30" list. This list has been in my head for a while now, and I just feel the need to share. Most of the items are small, insignificant things I want to accomplish, while others have laid on my heart for a while. Writing them down holds me accountable. You can hold me accountable. I have three years to make it happen....and go.

Own 1 dog, whether through a breeder or adoption. (Mr. B and I are still compromising on a breed.)
MR. DARCY (Our Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy at 9 weeks.)
Compete in 2 races of some sort.

Make 3 new friends.
Send 4 of my favorite books to 4 of my favorite people.

Purchase the 5 kitchen items I've been meaning to buy for ages. (bigger food processor, pizza stone, juicer, Popsicle maker, hand-held blender)
Buy 6 fun and flirty sundresses.
Visit 7 new places.

Pay it forward: Buy 8 people their coffee.
my co-workers have cashed in on this ;)
Mail 9 hand-written letters.

Send 10 people "Thinking About You" cards.
Make 11 different flavors of homemade ice cream. (Giving them cool names centered around book titles/book club.)

Complete 12 devotionals.
xxxxx   xx
Take 13 yoga classes.
Take homemade food to 14 family members/friends.
xxxxx   xxxx
Try 15 new desserts.
xxxxx   xxxx
Compliment 16 strangers.
xxxxx   xxxxx
Pamper myself 17 times with special spa days (at home or professional).
Enjoy 18 sunsets at the park near our house.
Learn/Try 19 new things.
xxxxx   xxx
Write 20 prayer thank-yous to remember the amazing blessings of my twenties.

Daniel-Fast for 21 days.

Do 22 random acts of kindness.
xxxxx   xxx

Try 23 new cookie recipes.
xxxxx   xxx
Spend no extra money for 24 days straight, saving it for a rainy day.

Listen to 25 audio books.

Enjoy 26 date nights with my husband.
xxxxx   xxxxx   xxxxx   xxxxx
Celebrate 27 ridiculous National Holidays.
Read 28 Newbery Medal winners.
xxxxx   xxxxx   xxxxx   xx
Devote 29 blog posts to my favorite 29 things.
xxxxx   x
Donate $30 to a charity.

*Check back for progress updates! I'll place an X next to each entry to tally as I complete. Once fully completed I'll strike through.
**Updated on 4/16/15

With Love and God Bless,


  1. I am sad we never got a picture together :(

    1. I know...and I wanted one with Myles, too :( boo...BTW, we need to schedule another get together before your school starts up, dear!