Sunday, July 28, 2013


Some Siamese love.
I'm currently....

Watching... Netflix. And a lot of it. Mr. B and I made the decision last month to get rid of cable. We've been talking about it for over a year now, but sports have kept us from actually doing it. Well, when we realized we'd save over $600 a year, we jumped right in. So far, I'm loving it. We joined Netflix (we were already members with Amazon Prime) and are having plenty of movie nights. AND, we have more free time to work on the house, work out, and READ!

However, ask me again when football season comes calling.

Eating.... a peanut butter and banana protein shake (I like shakes thick enough to eat with a spoon). I think I've had this particular shake for six days in a row now. #obsessed

Planning... Fall youth programming, all the way through November. And, yes, it's hard to think about November programs when you're in the midst of Summer Reading and 90 + degree heat. But I have a "body-themed" science Saturday, another Pinkalicious Tea Party, and a few yoga programs in the works.

Reading... The Darcy Saga, and I'm currently re-reading the first installment, Mr. and Mrs. Fitzwilliam Darcy: Two Shall Become One, by Sharon Lathan. (Because I just finished my annual summer reading of Pride and Prejudice, and am not ready to put down this love story.) I have a bittersweet relationship with authors who continue another author's story/idea. However, this series is okay, and continues with Mr. Darcy and Lizzy's wedding night. [GASP!] I read the first two, have the fourth, and would like to find the third. Oh, and just discovered there is now a fifth. I plan to use the rest of the summer to work through these; they're of the romance-fluff breed.

Inspired by.... my faith. Hypocritical "Christians" drive me insane, and very recently I had the unfortunate pleasure of witnessing this act. Serving Christ drives my faith. He helps me hold my tongue and be the better person when I see God's word blasphemed or mocked. However, the hypocrites are a constant reminder of who I am not. I am a Christ-follower. I read and apply His word. Yes, there are times I trip up, I fall down, I backslide. I am not perfect because I'm a Christian. I'm human. I live in the flesh. Romans 3:23 reminds me, "ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." But I recognize, and pray for forgiveness. I learn, and know the next time I will be better.

Excited about... upcoming downtime at work. Now that Summer Reading is officially over, I'll be able to breathe, focus on the children's collection, get organized, and continue a little education. But I'm more excited about the "green light" for vacation. August is the time when we youth librarians get the chance to enjoy summer. I'm taking advantage and planning a few personal days with the hubby.

With Love and God Bless,

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