Wednesday, March 5, 2014


I'm currently.... good ole FRIENDS. I felt the need for a great laugh, so I put in an episode, which turned into me watching an entire season, which turned into me going through all of the seasons. They're my favorites. BTW, I was laughing so hard at one of the first season's episodes that Mr. B just sat there and stared at me. For like five minutes. When I finally stopped laughing he said, "It wasn't that funny." Ohhhh, Mr. B, yes it was. (It was the one where Ross is practicing his "dirty talk" on Joey.) hahahaha

Eating....I am addicted to these vegetable chips. I can't get enough. I turned into Mr. B, the man who can devour a bag of chips in less than 24 hours. I open the bag and I can't stop they are soooo good.

Planning.... my Summer Reading 2014 programs. This year's theme is all about science, "Fizz! Boom! Read!" to be exact. I have thoughts on body, weather, and healthy science programs, and this year we're having a magician for my branch's kickoff, and switching out Jungle Terry for Outback Ray...we'll see how this goes. Right now I'm just trying to breathe, or trying to get my boss to breathe...this summer we will have two of our YS staff members out on maternity leave. That's more than 70 hours a week we're losing in coverage. Thank goodness for last-minute subs and passive programs!

Reading.... I'm halfway through Joyce Maynard's Labor Day, and I'm really, really, really liking it. Yes, I do have plans to see the movie after I finish the book! Also, I'm reading a lot of youth nonfiction, some topics include parrots, the Irish potato famine, the civil rights movement, elephants, glaciers, and the invention of neon colors.

Inspired by....this book, 30 Days to Taming Your Tongue. I just started reading it last night and can't wait to dive into this devotional. Hopefully, during and after the 30 days, I'll be more mindful of what and how I speak. I sort of combined it with my Lenten observance this year. I promise to give a review when I'm finished.

Excited about....VERA BRADLEY OUTLET SALE in 34 days!!! (Read up on all the excitement from last year here, and the year prior here.) Thursday, April 10th

I'm in dire need want of a few items....

And cry just as hard every.single.time. they walk away from that apartment....

Also, don't forget today is Ash Wednesday. What are you doing to observe this Lenten season? If you need ideas, feel free to check out this post, or this one. Also, visit YouVersion's Bible app to start one of the many devotionals offered to help prepare you for Easter.

I'm forgoing dairy. You heard it here first, y'all. I'm finally doing it for longer than 12 days. And I'm watching my tongue (see above), and taking the time to give more thanks over every food/meal, and more gratitude for what I have.

"My Jesus, I am going into the wilderness today to speak only with You, my Master and my Lord. The earth be silent, and You alone speak to me, Jesus. You know that I understand no other voice but Yours, O Good Shepard. In the dwelling of my heart is that wilderness to which no creature has access. There, You alone are King." ---St. Faustina Kowalska

With Love and God Bless,

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