Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Sweets

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It's been a long, long while since I did a Sunday Sweets post. I miss them. I miss the sharing of my "current eats" and favorites, as well as a few inspirations. I changed it up a bit each time, and now I'm changing it up again. My plan is to focus each "Sunday Sweets," and I thought I'd center my first around yoga.

at my early morning yoga class

However first thing's first, this morning I enjoyed a tasty breakfast: an egg white scramble and iced black coffee with my yoga smoothie (1 c water, 1 c unsweetened almond milk, 1 c frozen berries, and 1 T almond butter). This smoothie is probably my most favorite.
Before heading into my yoga class, I hit my mat for a quick warm-up session with a few morning stretches and a couple of Sun Salutations. My yoga pose focus for today's practice consisted of deepening an asana inversion twist. Ahhh, feel that deep, wonderful stretch in the legs, back, and arms. Hold. And breathe.

I love getting deeper in poses and focusing on each part of my body. With each inhale I move deeper, and with each exhale I hold.

I was extra excited for this morning's yoga session at One Love Yoga Boutique in Kent. Normally, I am getting ready for church/in church when this Vinyasa Flow is class scheduled and can't attend, but Mr. B and I made it to last night's service leaving this Sunday morning free. I took advantage and headed straight to the studio. So happy I did because I miss my yoga classes. I haven't been able to attend regularly because a) it can get pricey, and b) honestly, the classes I want to attend never seem to fit into my schedule. I'm either at work, or driving to and from, when they're offered. I'm still doing my yoga at home, which is one reason why I'm a huge advocate of yoga---it's so easy to develop an at-home practice. But there's just something inspiring, invigorating, motivating, and healthy about practicing with others, in being a part of a yoga community.

Our yoga instructor, Linda (and she's my favorite; I know we're not supposed to have favorites, but she's my favorite), gave us balls to roll around on, getting the kinks out of our backs and shoulders before beginning the days' class. I focused mainly on my shoulders, but couldn't help rolling it under my feet. Feels sooooo good.

Another thing I like about this yoga studio: the clothes. Love the clothing (leggings, shirts, and dresses) and products, like active-wear detergent, mat cleaner, and balms) available at the boutique. (Plus, you won't find me complaining about the Robeks inside either. After a hot yoga session, a refreshing juice or smoothie hits the spot.)
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The above leggings immediately went to the top of my birthday wish list. In teal, please! And this dress is just too cute. Click on the links to see other yoga must-haves.
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Don't forget to check out their Facebook page, too!

Here's a little something I found which put a smile on my face.

Oh, and I really, really, really want to make this Mayan Dark Chocolate Pudding with my favorite nut, the pistachio. I imagine this is absolutely sinful.

Happy Sunday! I hope y'all find some relaxation today.

With Love and God Bless,

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