Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Sweets

This morning I enjoyed a big bowl of oats for breakfast. There were strawberries and almond milk and almond butter. It was a big bowl of deliciousness. Oh, and I enjoyed a big mug of coffee. It was a big mug of, you bet, deliciousness. Actually, more like two big mugs of deliciousness. God bless beautiful Sunday mornings.

It is a beautiful morning over here. The sun is shining and the weather channel reports a high of almost 60. Hallelujah! Spring is on it's way. A walk through the park sounds perfect, but first I'm getting on my baking. I'm pulling out my recipe for my favorite healthy chocolate cookies, these Black Bean Chocolate Chili Cranberry Cookies. And when I pull out this trusty treat, it can only mean ONE thing: It's time for VERA BRADLEY. (Well, actually the second is when my grandfather politely requests his own personal batch, but I'm talking about VB here.)

Yep, this Thursday my best girlfriend, her mother-in-law, and I will be heading to the annual VB Outlet Sale. And I am ready! (Or I will be when I finish stuffing my Vera Weekender bag [in Java Blue, by the way]....) I think it's time for a new purse and wallet combo because, you know, the seven purses hanging in my closet right now are not enough, and you know, I still have two bare hooks. Hey, we are all collectors of something. VB is it for me. Oh, and coffee mugs, can't forget my coffee mugs...

Here's your smile for today, and I found it quite fitting. Thank you. Don't mind if I do.

I'm thinking these might be the next tasty dozen or so cookies to go in my oven. YUM. Except I'm going to use my favorite chocolate, Ghirardelli. The darker the better, my friends.

Image Source: Yes, I Want Cake

Happy Sunday! I hope y'all find something sweet to get into today.

It's also the beginning of National Bake Week, as if you needed another reason ;)

With Love and God Bless,

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