Monday, April 7, 2014

Must-Have VB Road Trip Snacks

It's here! It's here! THE VERA BRADLEY OUTLET SALE 2014 IS HERE!

We're pulling out early this morning, heading to Fort Wayne, IN to do a [tiny] bit of damage to our bank accounts. Don't tell our husbands. Every year they trust us to be responsible women in search of a few things we don't need. Every year they realize we have [very little] control when around said things of the Vera Bradley nature. When discussing mine and Jessica's smaller, umm let's go with budgets here, with my husband, I realized Mr. B likes the idea of this set, albeit smaller, limitation. I figure when I slightly go over that amount, he won't be entirely shocked. That seems like an easy WIN for both of us, right? Yep, that's what I thought. Genius.

This morning I woke up extra early to squeeze in a short yoga practice and enjoy one of my VIA Protein Power Shakes. (A definite must on the days I need to be on the go-go-go.) And, of course, to make sure I didn't miss anything I might need and forgotten to pack in my mad rush to cram as many things as I could into my VB bag[s]. You never know what you might need for a less than 48-hour trip away from home.

What I didn't forget to pack were plenty of road trip snacks. Here are my must-haves to keep our bellies satisfied.

My latest chip obsession.

I'm a huge fan of granola bars (particularly those of the homemade kind). They are always a great snack option for the road. Normally, I make some beforehand, but I ran out of time, so I grabbed a few store-bought favorites, including these berry crisps that I forgot I really, really, really enjoy. Usually, I prefer Larabars, but my store was all out.

A favorite chocolate candy. I don't normally indulge in candy, but when I do, for some reason I like the most expensive one on the shelf. Yes, I know, Jessica, champagne taste on a water budget. Champagne taste on a water budget. (<--- insert heavy sigh).

I packed my beloved nut butter and apples, along with some crudites and sliced strawberries. Plus, a plethora of beverages because I enjoy options.

Of course, we can't be without the cookies!

Alas, last year Jessica and her mother-in-law were not the devoted fans of the Black Bean Chocolate Chili [Cranberry] Cookies that I was/am, so I made them their own cookies guess I'm enjoying these all by myself. (I know, I'm awful. Jessica, I know you're reading this and I had every intention of making you separate cookies to [hopefully] thoroughly enjoy, but I was too busy catching up on the last season of Blue Bloods because the DVD was due back to the library yesterday and those movie fines can add up in a hurry. Plus, I'm a good librarian/patron. Gold star. But I digress.) Anyhoo, I'm bringing these along to make up for it. Cheers!

And I don't think I need to mention where our car will be headed first....

I think we're ready for a tasty road trip. Onward, ladies!

With Love and God Bless,

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