Thursday, April 17, 2014

20 Things {Blog Series}

I found myself with a little extra free time today, and I came across this neat little list about blog topics, conversation starters, ice-breaker questions, etc. I thought, how fun! More random stuff to entertain my readers. Sweet. I'll try to fit in these short, informational posts once a month or so. You're welcome ;)

So kicking off this new "Blog Series" are my 20 random facts. For more randomness, check out this post.

  1. I'm an Irish twin. My younger brother and I are the same age for one day.
  2. Gardenias and calla lilies are my favorites.
  3. I never had a manicure or color on my hair. All natural over here. However, I think I would thoroughly enjoy a pedicure.
  4. I can spend hours in Target, literally. I just need a warm Starbucks beverage in hand, a buddy, and a reason, and before you know it, hours have passed and I have a full basket of items I didn't know I needed. It's my favorite store. (Actually, my absolute favorite is Banana Republic, but I can't really afford to shop there as often. My bank account and Mr. B are my constant reminders.)
  5. I am in full belief a bucket of fair fries with vinegar is a perfectly healthy dinner during fair season.
  6. I eat a Granny Smith apple with raw almond butter
  7. I collect coffee mugs, Vera Bradley, and cookbooks. (And magnets from vacation trips.) Oh, and family Christmas ornaments!
  8. My favorite number is 8. I learned recently it's considered a power number. If I can't have 8, then I'll select something with an 8 in it or a dividend of 8. I am all about an even 8.
  9. I have a tattoo on my hip of a pink and blue butterfly. I have it for two reasons, 1) a butterfly is a symbol of rebirth. A re-dedication of my life. Christ is often compared to a butterfly. 2) it's in remembrance of my paternal grandparents. I lost both of them to cancer.
  10. I drink my coffee black, mostly it's straight espresso. Unless I'm treating myself, then it's a Caramel Macchiato. Extra espresso. Multiple shots, please.
  11. Besides dogs, my favorite animals are penguins, squirrels (black!), and tigers. Those tigers are absolutely beautiful.
  12. Never do I go anywhere without a book.
  13. Or slippers. I always have slippers with me. Because, you know, it's cold sometimes.
  14. I prefer, actually, to do the dishes by hand myself. I've been doing dishes since I could stand on a chair and help, so I can get those suckers done faster than Mr. B can clear the table. But I LOATHE drying.
  15. I'm terrified of scary movies! In my tween years I quite enjoyed scary movies. As I grew up, I'd watch them every once in a while. I was home from college one summer and had my eyes "covered" as I watched a few parts of The Grudge. I remember Daddy telling me to just turn it off if I was scared. I didn't. I was determined to see it through. BUT, a year or so later I decided to watch The Strangers on Halloween night, alone in our apartment (Mr. B was working midnights at the time), with all of the lights on. I have never been more petrified in my entire life. I had to fast forward through parts so I'd know what was coming. I remember watching it through tears and fingers. Afterwards, I declared "never again!" and stayed up until Mr. B came home around 6 a.m. I haven't watched a scary movie since.
  16. I think fennel is the devil. It's probably worse than my dislike for pineapple. However, I will probably never eat pineapple again so I can't give you an adequate answer.
  17. I dream very vividly multiple times a night, and usually remember them. Mr. B however never does. It's a very rare occasion when he has a dream to tell me about. I, on the other hand, have about five to recall to him upon waking.
  18. I have troubles spelling weird. I can never remember if it's ei or ie. Instead I'm always finding a way to say that's odd....ha! Also, in 4th grade I came in third place in my school's spelling bee because of that forgotten "c" in AntarCtica. Never again! <--- she says with a shaking fist.
  19. I listen to Christmas music all year round. Love my Pandora stations shuffle option.
  20. I jump at every chance to make a list :)
With Love and God Bless,


  1. this made me smile :) As I begin the process of looking for a job I need to practice this, when ever someone asks me to tell them something interesting about myself I blank.

    1. Yes, it's much more fun to focus on this than say weaknesses...we shall sit down and start a list ;)