Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Sweets

1. Happy Veterans Day! Just want to thank those who have served/serve. Because of you our country is free.

2. I'm craving grilled cheese sandwiches again. I'm eating one right now...with Muenster...I could eat three I'm so hungry!

3. Super excited that I have tomorrow off. Due to a shift in my schedule I'm working the next three Saturdays, so it's nice to enjoy this last two-days-off-in-a-row thing. Thought about going to the library near my house to rent some movies. Then I realized if my library is closed this one is as well.

Maybe I can get Mr. B to finally rent some movies....

4. Mama and Daddy came up today to get some donations for some friends of the family. Their house burned to the ground this past Tuesday from an electrical fire. It's devastating to see what's left of their home. It was nice to see my parents, I just wish it was on a more happier note. Please pray for the family to get through this hard time.

5. Speaking of know how I mentioned a few weeks ago that Mr. B broke his pinkie toe running into the furniture. Well, on Tuesday he dropped something on his foot (the same foot) and we spent some time at the the grace of God it wasn't broken. He has a nice little booty and light duty for 2 weeks.

6. If it were me, I'd be propped up on the couch enjoying a week off from chores and enjoying Chipotle along with a FRIENDS marathon. Mr. B, however, can't sit still and mowed the lawn this morning...grant it, it's a riding lawn mower but still....enjoy your down-time, babe!

7. I'm a huge Black Friday shopper, but I am sooooooo mad that this year Walmart is opening their doors at 8 p.m. It's ridiculous. Let people spend time with their family to enjoy the holiday! I'm protesting.

8. And THE best news......KENT STATE IS RANKED #25 on the AP Poll. First ranking since '73. Lots of love to my alumni, The Golden Flashes!!!!! Keep it up, boys!

Daddy and I at a Kent State game during my last year. GO FLASHES!

With Love and God Bless,

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