Friday, August 9, 2013

Lately, I'm Obsessed

Jeremy Renner.
He's a cutie. I can't help it. He's my favorite. And he's a great actor; I was re-watching The Unusuals episodes and am still sad the show was canceled. I really, really would have liked to see what the writers, and Jeremy, did with his character. Oh, and he can actually sing. SWOON.

These things are addicting. I wake up every morning and instead of reaching for my morning mug of coffee, I'm fumbling with the blender trying to get this delicious shake into my body as fast as I can. Soooooo good.

Getting organized.
Now that Summer Reading is over, I have a little downtime at work, and I'm determined to get that office organized, cart-free, and ready to go for fall. I can see my desk, the floor around my desk...and my co-worker is even inspired to organize ;)

Straight No Chaser.
A college friend and I used to listen to this acapella group all.of.the.time instead of studying for our exams while we studied. The other day I found a mixed CD from those days and popped it in. We were reunited and I downloaded almost everything I could get my hands on.

Weight Watchers Giant Chocolate Fudge Bars.
These are my favorite ice cream bars. creamy. Fluffy. Light. Delicious. Healthy-ish. Yet, I have not been able to find them anywhere, in any grocery store, at all this summer. So I settled for WW's Giant Latte Bars instead. Yes, delicious. Yes, addicting. No, I still prefer the fudge bars.

Trader Joe's Dried Mango Slices.
These things. Why isn't there a Trader Joe's in the Tri-County area?! I must make the hour plus drive to find one. I feel like I need to replenish my co-workers stash.

Young Adult Fiction.
I just finished Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell, and WOW. I'd definitely recommend it to any teen or's a quirky teen romance. I liked it. [A review post of my latest reads will be up soon!] Also, my book club is reading John Green's Looking For Alaska (which I just finished re-reading; I'm a big John Green fan and would suggest his book, The Fault in Our Stars, to absolutely anybody...the audio book is fantastic). I just put in the audio of Jennifer Donnelly's Revolution. I read this a few years ago and remembered I couldn't put it down. The audio is a 2011 Odyssey Honor-winner so I'm re-"listening" to that. But I've heard good things about Donnelly's A Northern Light, as's somewhere on my loooong list of must-reads.

I always liked YA, but when asked what I mainly read, YA never crossed my mind. It's apparently gaining ground....

Image from Good Reads

 Award Winners.
Now that I finished reading every.single.Caldecott. I'm working on the Coretta Scott King Illustrator Winners...why, I have no idea. Other than the fact they're mainly picture books and quicker to get through. However, I'm discovering most are poetry and quite lengthy....

Mr. B and I decided a month and half ago to get rid of our cable. We've been spending a lot of time watching movies through Netflix. I don't miss cable at all. I miss being able to "watch" my Cleveland Indians. Though, Netflix is helping me fuel my Renner obsession (see #1). There's a balance there somewhere.

And apparently, Zucchini Bread.
Within the last four weeks I  made six loaves. Friends and family are quite demanding. And the neighbor brought over one the size of Mr. B's arm, which I baked three loaves out of AND was left with plenty of zucchini slices to freeze. (*For the record, five of those loaves were Blueberry Zucchini, and I put my foot down declaring I was trying a new bread: Yogurt Walnut Zucchini. Well worth Mr. B's objections.) If you're looking for a way to use up your zucchini, check out my Blueberry Zucchini Bread.

With Love and God Bless,

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