Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sweet B's Most Popular

It's been almost two years now and out of all the recipes I shared on Sweet B, my Cold Vegetable Pizza has blown the other recipes out of the water! I mean, good night (!), there were many other dishes high up there, but the reviews and re-pins of those aren't even close*. I'm pretty excited because this Cold Pizza is pretty awesome. It's fast, simple, and tasty, which makes it a great crowd-pleaser. But if you have men around, like Mr. B, they each might need their own. Just giving you a heads up. Annnd, it's very versatile; just throw on whatever vegetables you have on hand...a great way to clean out the fridge.

Anyhoo, let's dig in to the recipes y'all can't get enough of and re-visit most often.

However, first I want to talk about my honorable mention, Chicken Wild Rice Salad. Mainly because it's a perfect dish for this time of year (any time of the year, really,) and it's even better when you make a big batch of it on Sunday and take it to work for lunch all week long. The flavors have a chance to settle and merry, and the salty rice with the savory chicken with the crunchy almonds and the sweetness of the cranberries and carrots and the strong spices are...beautiful. Delicious. It's by far one of my favorite and most go-to recipes.

And now here's a look at your top 10 favorites.

#10 Three-way tie between Lemon Bread, Spiced Apple Stir-Fry, and Zesty Broccoli Dip.

Y'all can't decide which you like better, the smell of fresh lemon bread floating through your kitchen, the apples and spice concoction which is best over vanilla ice cream, or the hot and cheesy broccoli dip with crackers. I don't blame ya, I couldn't choose either!

#9 Blueberry Zucchini Bread

While this hasn't been available as long as some of the other recipes, this delectable, summer bread has made it into your top 10 and, I must say with all of the feedback, I'm shocked it's not number one. I'm beyond happy to hear my readers love zucchini bread as much as I do (...just maybe not the grating part).

#8 Perfect Granola Bars

Yes, I do mean perfect when I say perfect, especially since this recipe is a great base for other protein granola. Whether you leave it in bar form or crumble it on top of yogurt or add it to milk, this granola is versatile, simple, and healthy! Also, it makes a great neighborly gift around the holidays....

#7 Tiramisu Cheesecake Bars

To be honest, I forgot all about these scrumptious bars completely. You, however, have not. I'm thinking I might get back in the kitchen to whip up a batch of these pretty soon. Chocolate, cream cheese, hazelnut coffee, and cookie dough all sound way too yummy right about now.

#6 Browned Butter Cookies with Caramel Frosting (a.k.a. Mr. B's favorite)

If I didn't know any better, I'd say Mr. B might have had something to do with the ranking of these cookies. But I do know better. Because every Christmas these little bites of heaven are the first cookies asked for and the first to disappear from the cookie platter. They are at the top of every holiday to-bake list. No matter how many batches or double batches I bake, I can't seem to make enough of these!

#5 Raspberry Banana Protein Shake

Yay! My protein shake sparked some interest. And from what I can tell, many of you like raspberries, so I will try to feature a few more berry-filled recipes! I can't tell you how many times my smoothies save me from leaving the house famished in the morning. They're quick to throw together, and out the door you go. And frozen berries work just fine, too.

#4 Grandma Barb's Cut Outs

Shout out to my Grandma Barb and her mouth-watering secret cream cheese sugar cookie recipe that has been a family staple for ages. (Well, it's not a secret anymore, and btw, don't tell her that!) No matter what holiday we're celebrating, or who's hosting, these cookies will be there. They will be in sight, easily available, and one can be found in each hand. I'd be disappointed if these didn't make the list.

#3 Beef Stroganoff

This has been on the site the least amount of time and has soared through the ranks. Given time, I'm sure it will give my Cold Vegetable Pizza a run for its money. And why shouldn't it? Everyone loves classic, comfort food. :)

#2 Almond Blueberry Cookies (my favorite)

We like our desserts around here. Apparently, so do you, which is why we're life-long friends, you know?

Which is also why this top 10 is littered with delicious, sweet recipes. But these take the cake err, cookie. My Almond Blueberry Cookies are my absolute favorite cookie in the entire world. Ever. And I'm ecstatic to see you think so, too. I tend to lean on the healthier, lighter side of sweets. Replacing ingredients, making recipes "better" for you so you don't feel guilty about eating that slice of cake, or about the eighth cookie you just devoured. But not these babies. I only make them at Christmas and I splurge. Don't ruin a favorite. (Which is what Mr. B tries to tell me every time I try to "healthify" his chocolate chip cookies. But, in my defense, I never mess with his Brown Butters ---> see above.)

If I was sick the entire month of December, and couldn't make a single cookie, I'd find some way to make these. Mr. B can rely on my friend to make his Brown Butters, and the rest of the family can rely on Grandma Barb for the cut-outs, but these beauties...I will make them. They might not make it to the oven, but I will enjoy this cookie. By the spoonful, if needed.

#1 Cold Vegetable Pizza

And, of course, your all-time favorite.....


*These top 10 selections were polled the last Sunday, prior to this post.

Keep visiting; I love to hear your feedback!

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  1. I was very surprised to not see the black bean burgers!

    1. I thought so too! I almost put it as my honorable mention, but I wanted to highlight this tasty chicken salad. I've been emailed a lot about the burgers.