Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Sweets

1. In case you haven't heard yet...... we bought a house!

2. We're still waiting on the inspection....but if it goes well, we will be official homeowners.

3. Anyhoo, check out my kitchen :) That pantry on the left-hand side there is huuuuuge!

4. Needless to say, we're overwhelmed and excited.

5. For work, I brought in these fabulous brownies to share. No one knew my secret. (I'll be reviewing these brownies in a post later on this month.) These are my new go-to brownies. Definitely genius.

6. Dinner tonight, for me at least, consists of tortilla chips and guacamole.

6.1 There are chops marinating in the fridge for Mr. those of you who think I'm failing in my wifely duties, don't you worry. I'm all over it.

7. It's my best friend's 27th birthday today!!! Everyone shout, "Happy Birthday, Jessica!"

8. I've been on a granita ( a similar version of Italian Ice...sort of) kick lately. It's so easy to make and perfect on hot, summer days. I recently made Strawberry-Lemon. Even Mr. B said it wasn't bad.

9. When Mama and Daddy were up visiting yesterday (to see the new house), I turned Daddy into an espresso-drinking man. Daddy, you are so welcome. :P

10. My first preschool story time is this week. The theme is "Dad's Day." I'm a little nervous.....

With Love and God Bless,

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