Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Sweets

1. I had plain Greek yogurt with peaches, strawberries, flax seed and almond butter for breakfast this morning. With it being sooooo hot lately this has been my morning go-to.

2. I'm completely, ridiculously obsessed with this song. IN.LOVE. TobyMac = Brilliant.

3. Also, I'm semi-obsessed with this new Newsboys song. Check it out here. (Great workout tunes. BONUS.)

4. Preschool story time this week was a total failure. I was prepared, excited to share my fingerplays and jam out to the "Monster Boogie." Unfortunately, the kids were not as they laid in their caregivers' laps. After telling me all about their pool activities earlier that day (because it was like 96 degrees out!), I knew these kids didn't need story time, they needed a nap. I could have used a nap. So we cut story time short and went on to the crafts....which proved to be the perfect revival.

5. House update: Septic didn't pass inspection. We're still negotiating (we haven't given up yet!), so send prayers and positive thoughts this way!

6. I was stoked for Book Club this week. I haven't seen these girls in a month. Definitely not used to this. We must schedule more outings!

7. Fortunately, our Lemonade Party is today. Cheers! (Keep your eyes open for that upcoming post.)

8. We had Jungle Terry at the library this week as part of our Summer Reading Programs. There were over 300 people stuffed into our children's hazard? Yes. Even worse, when he brought out the huge boa, I was envisioning a stampede. But the kids just giggled and screamed for more while I was in the back calming myself down and repeating, Remember the snake's up there and you're back here, over and over again. I love my job.

9. It's so hot all I want is ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream. Mr. B and I actually had ice cream for dinner on Wednesday. Which is a total shock I know because we all know how Mr. B feels about ice cream. After a walk through the park, he enjoyed a vanilla cone and I a cookie dough flurry. Which we then discovered Mr. B actually likes cookie dough long as I get them and he can then eat most of it.

10. Oh, when we got home, he then wanted to know what was for dinner. So I made some quick and tasty open-faced caprese chicken sandwiches. And he was all like "I want pizza bread," and I said "Okay, well try these...if you don't like them I'll put in your pizza bread." He ate all of them. He is such a little boy.

11. To prove my little boy theory, this morning he was upstairs lifting weights and watching cartoons. Bugs Bunny to be exact.

With Love and God Bless,

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