Monday, October 8, 2012

7 Days 1 Challenge: Forty-One

By far one of the best challenges I've had all year. Saturday was the only night the lights weren't out by 11 p.m. but my Buckeyes were on.

You can't turn that awesome-ness off.

O-H, baby!

But I'm feeling very refreshed this Monday, so let's check out this week's challenge.

*In case you're new to these challenges, the challenge starts on Monday and ends Sunday night. The following Monday I'll post a new challenge.

This week's challenge:
Make your favorite dish.
Source: Yahoo! Images
I have many favorite dishes. In fact, my answer to this could change hourly. But right now I am dying to make my Chicken Divan. I usually make this during the colder months of the year, and since those are here this dish goes straight to the top...right behind chili, soup beans, meatloaf, and chicken and dumplings.

Soooo many favorites!!!!

What will you choose? A family favorite, Grandma's secret recipe, or will you attempt to remake a favorite restaurant dish?

Who wants to take the weekly challenge? Let me know by sharing your thoughts/struggles and link ups below!

With Love & God Bless,

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