Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sunday Sweets (On a Saturday Night)

1. I've been going crazy because my desk looked like this all week.

I'm getting ready for my Halloween program this coming Tuesday, and let's just say I hope they enjoy it. I put so much work into this. To say I'm excited is a huge understatement.

2. Also, I plan to go as Clifford, The Big Red Dog. (He turned 50 this year!) FYI...not really going all out for this don't get too excited.

3. Friday's Preschool Story Time was a little crazy. Twenty-one kids dressed in costumes, some candy and toys, a ghost craft and Halloween stories would get anyone riled up. While helping some other kiddos cut out eyes for their ghosts, I heard this loud crying begin behind me. I mean the kind where the kid is screaming bloody murder. It was the toddler who came with his older cousin; his costume of choice was TIGGER. :)

Anyhoo, he would not stop screaming-crying, and finally the mom knew something was wrong. He tripped over his own feet and fell, but now could not move his arm. It looked like it might be broken. The mom was panicking because she's from Virginia and was driving back tonight and didn't want to spend all day at the ER. I helped them out to the parking lot. Apparently the kid had fallen before and fractured his other arm. I have no idea how this ended. All I know is they thanked me for a great story time and left.

Ai yi yi. Tales of the Library.

4. My friends and I celebrated our friend's (Jessica #2) birthday today.

 Happy Birthday, Jessica H.!

5. It was a "50 Shades of Pink" themed party. Not that any of us have read the book...she just LOVES pink.

6. This 80-degree weather a week away from November is ridiculous. At least the hubby was able to take a day off and weather-proof the deck. But I was still able to help with the leaves when I got home...AND he let me rake them into a HUGE pile.

7. You won't believe this, but Mr. B broke his pinkie toe earlier today when he ran into the couch, which happened about an hour after he ran into a dining room chair.

8. I can't help it. I'm already in Thanksgiving-Christmas mode. <3

With Love and God Bless,

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