Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Cake Perfect for Mr. B

Last week we celebrated Mr. B's birthday.

And, like me, Mr. B does not like cake for his birthday.

(I keep trying to tell everyone this, just because you bring over a cake doesn't mean we're going to eat it. Save your money. Give it to Mr. B.)

Mr. B loves chocolate chip cookies. It seems to be the only "dessert" he'll eat...besides vanilla ice cream. But only every once in a while. (He crazy.) So, back when we first started dating and I discovered his strong dislike for cake and his love for chocolate chip cookies I started buying him the frosted cookies you can get at the grocery store.

Last year's cookie.
And lately for the past six years that has been his birthday cake..err, cookie. (Except for when others bring cake....)

But I thought I'd surprise him and change it up this year. (Actually, it's more like I'm bored and need something different. Wait, whose birthday is it.....)

BUT, last year we both agreed that the frosting was getting way too sweet, and although it looked nice, most of it ended up in the garbage.

So I put on my thinking cap for this year's "cake." What else does my hubby like? Rice krispy treats.

I know this because I made a pan of them once (like two years ago) and they didn't last 24 hours.

I was like, "Gee, babe, I didn't know you liked rice krispy treats so much."

And he was like, "Oh, I do."

So...krispies and vanilla ice cream and "cake."

It's genius, I know.

And right up Mr. B's alley.

Crispy Ice Cream Cake

Serves a crowd

1 favorite marshmallow crispy recipe (mine is your basic melted butter combined with marshmallows and added to about 6 cups of Crisp Rice....we're on a budget over here)

1 tub of your favorite ice cream (Mr. B is a vanilla kind of guy. But I used Neapolitan to spruce it up a bit...a little more color...and flavor.)

Garnishes: whipped cream, hot fudge, caramel sauce, sprinkles, and sliced strawberries (nuts are optional)

Once you've made your marshmallow crispies, butter a pie dish or cake pan and spread the crispies evenly, allowing it to cool completely. When ready to serve, scoop mounds of ice cream on top of cooled crispies. Fill in holes with dollops of whipped cream topped with strawberries. Drizzle on hot fudge and caramel sauce, followed by sprinkles and nuts.

*Note: This can either be done in the pan or you can cut the crispies, allowing everyone to top their own with whatever they desire. Kind of like a rice crispy bar. YUM.

Score, right?

So when he walked in the door I surprised him with his birthday cake. But he didn't want any of the garnishes. Just a krispy and vanilla ice cream. But I convinced him he needed the other stuff for the sake of a picture.

After he blew out the candle. He took a bite. "Man, that's sweet."

Yes, I ate his while he ate just the rice krispies.

Ugh, back to the drawing board.

Happy birthday, babe.

With Love and God Bless,

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