Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Sweets

1. Welp, I put a good 80% dent into my Christmas shopping list over the last two weekends, and I think one more trip will finish it. Super-pumped! How is your Christmas shopping coming along?

2. And one of those weekends included a trip to Frankenmuth with Mama. Details about that trip are coming soon! For now, enjoy this snapshot....Mama always talks me into posing with stuffed animals or dressed-up creepy people.

3. Twelve days until my brother is here (in Ohio, I mean)!!!!!!!! I cannot wait for him to finally(!) see our house and to stay in the guest bedroom :)

4. On a sad note, I found out (while Christmas shopping) all three of my current Vera Bradley patterns are retiring. I'm extremely bummed and now have no current patterns. Goodbye Lemon Parfait, Watercolor, and Mocha's been too short, but fun. Now I'm on the hunt for some new patterns.....I'm kind of liking English Rose, Ribbons, and Floral Nightingale.
But I'm really liking this one: Paisley Meets Plaid

5. I guess I'm going to be doing some serious damage at the VB Outlet Sale come April. Remember last time...

6. And on an even sadder note, during our move back in August, a few of our glass shelves broke in the curio cabinet. We finally replaced the glass, and on Friday I decided to open the box to put the stuff back in its place. Our last box. I opened it only to discover the glasses from my wedding were broken and the vase in memory of my grandma was chipped and my Chihuahua pepper shaker was chipped. I was devastated. I balled. Mr. B hid because he didn't know what to do.

Then our water cooler broke. Then I broke out the wine....

7. I'm attempting to put a huge dent into my baking list today. Because next Sunday is THE BAKING EXTRAVAGANZA! with Jess and I'm trying to not overwhelm us this year. But ya know....

8. And to get pumped for the day's festivities, a little NSYNC anyone?


*I wanted to share with you a live version, to reminisce about the good ole days. I was one of those screaming girls. I was going to marry JT. I cried a little when he married Jessica. <3

With Love and God Bless,


  1. You crack me up!! So sorry about all the broken/chipped items :( Can't wait til Cody gets here too!!! Also can't wait for your cookies! Love you forever. Mama xoxo

    1. Don't forget to save me some hard tack! <3