Monday, January 26, 2015

Three Fears {Blog Series}

I apologize for the silence. Life has been a tad stressed, definitely hectic, and a bit challenging right now. I dislike long lulls. Yes, I have dropped this ball a few times. When I took the time to look over my blog yesterday, I realized it's been a while since the "Blog Series" graced the page. So, without further ado, here is another rambling post. And if it's your first time, welcome. Enjoy these other ramblings here and here. Oh, and check out this one!

Mr. Darcy enjoy the snow. And we have a lot of it!

I came across an ice-breaker survey the other day. I can't remember where, but it was a poll asking voters to suggest and pick favorite ways to break the ice when meeting new people. I was surprised to see several people enjoyed asking and answering the question: name three legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

Yikes! Talk about getting right down to it. Not something I would have thought to ask a complete stranger, but if you had the same fear it might be a quick way to connect. I find it interesting. Fears. This is a great way to learn about a person, and to quickly assess the person you've just told your fear to. Especially a legitimate fear. How the receiver responds is quite telling of their personality. <--- I promise to explain more on this below.

Sticking with the lighter side of this question, my three fears....

If you've known me longer than two seconds, I'm quite certain you know my huge, LEGITIMATE fear of spiders. I can't even overhear people or a TV program mention these creatures without my blood pressure rising. Upon hearing it, I then check every ceiling corner in the room. Often, I turn around and walk away immediately or cover my ears. I'm a very visual person and once my mind starts picturing... (let's just say I've started this paragraph and have walked away to distract myself twice already). I've been known to almost cause my husband to wreck the car because there was a spider on the window. To call him and ask him how soon he'll be home because there's one on the ceiling or behind the blinds. To beg a co-worker to get rid of the tiniest one on the wall. Panic attacks ensue if I turn the page in a book and touch a photo with one of those hideous things in it. Cleaning frenzies go on for days if I discover a cobweb in the house.

I'm not sure even when this fear first originated, but I've always been terrified. As long as I can remember. And, God help me, if I lose a spider in the bedroom. I won't sleep for days. And, if there's a spider scene coming up in a movie and you didn't warn me, I won't forgive you!!!!! This fear is serious, y'all.

And, yes, I'm very aware my spider mishaps are hilarious. I can't help it. Always happy to entertain :)

Now this isn't funny (no pun intended). I can tell you exactly when this fear became a fear in one word: IT.

Not when my parents decided it'd be cute to do my nursery in clowns, although I'm sure that had a hand in it, subconsciously. Not during parades. Not at early childhood birthday parties or noisy toys. It was that darn movie. Let me set the scene... I was staying the night at my grandparents. I was six and ready for bed, coming downstairs to give Daddy a kiss good night. He was watching a movie on TV with Grandpa. BTW, who puts this movie on TV??????!!!! I'm sure my thoughts were, "Oh, a movie with a clown and there are a bunch of kids. This must be a kids movie." I sat down to watch a little bit of it. Soon after, I left the room completely terrified. I cried into my pillow. I had nightmares for weeks. Daddy laughs about it now, but I bet he wasn't when I woke him screaming at three o'clock in the morning. Lesson learned, Papa Bear.

Yes, I freak out still if there's a clown at the parade or a party. I will be headed in the opposite direction. At my job, for the summer reading programs we'll often have a clown come out and entertain the kids. My boss understands my fear and kindly arranges for me to be elsewhere in the building. When it rains, I'm constantly looking for children and making sure they're okay and not alone. As for my earlier comment...I mentioned my fear of clowns to a co-worker at my previous job. He thought it was hilarious and joked about inviting a clown to the next staff meeting. Also, he'd ask me to look at his computer screen when there was a clown or send me emails. He wasn't my favorite person. Fears aren't funny. People have them for a reason.

I'm a woman. Too often I'm in heels. This is LEGIT.

What fears happen to plague you? Let's chat.

With Love and God Bless,


  1. I've had the falling downstairs fear, though mostly when hubby was still driving over the road and not home every day. If I fell and was knocked unconscious, how long under I would be found?

    I love the water, but have been afraid of boats for many, many years. I wasn't as scared as a child, even though I know what started the fear (a flood in my hometown that included a late night removal from our home via boat. I was 8 and not a good swimmer. My sister G was almost 3. My mom was 7 1/2 months pregnant with my sister H.). I would still go on paddle boats when I was younger, but by the time I was an adult I was overly anxious about boat rides. I forced myself to go on my in-laws pontoon boat and am so happy I did. I still won't be kayaking anytime soon!

    1. I don't recall you telling me about being removed from your house by boat! Looking back on it now sounds fun ;)