Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Sweets

1. This was a looooong week made extra long when I discovered, Thursday morning on my way to work, that some IDIOT mean person hit my car. Dents, deep scratches, brown paint and a busted taillight. I learned this devastating tidbit because I decided to walk around the other side of my car to place my bags in the passenger seat instead of the back seat. I was in complete shock. Who would do this? It had to have happened while running into the mall or the grocery store. And I was, literally, in each place 10 minutes tops!

2. I cried. Balled my eyes out on the way to work. Heard Daddy in my head with his famous "We can't have anything nice" spiel. Spent the next few hours dreading my lunch break when I'd have to make that awful phone call to Mr. B. declaring I'm incapable of ever driving again because I can't even pick good people to park by.

3. Mr. B made me feel so much better. "It's just a car. It still works," he told me.

4. When I got off work I ran to my car hoping I imagined this whole scenario. Nope.

5. Which is why you should always walk around your car...everywhere! But it won't matter when the other car drives off!!

6. AND I was miserable with a severe case of allergies earlier this week. Completely miserable. Until a co-worker introduced me to the Neti-Pot. I've been meaning to try this contraption for quite some time now. I am now hooked. It's a God-send! I will be making my own purchase very soon.

7. The only other thing that seemed to help my allergies were these beauties:

Ben and Jerry's new Greek Frozen Yogurts. The grocery store had them 2 for $8 and I bought the Peanut Butter and Banana and the Blueberry Graham Monday night. By mid-day Wednesday they were both gone.

Which was devastating because when I arrived home Thursday evening, I was so sad because I desperately needed ice cream and all the ice cream was gone.
Blueberry Graham is my new all-time favorite ice cream...EVER.

8. I'm starting a no sugar week ASAP to make up for my over-indulgence. (And then the week after I'm going to try the other two flavors. Everything in moderation, right?)

9. Then, Thursday Mr. B got home from work only to tell me he dropped his phone and it broke.

10. And then, Friday night he comes home from work to tell me someone ran into the back of his mom's car while she was inside a restaurant. However, this lady came in and admitted it. Her insurance will be fixing the damage. Oh, there are decent people.

11. On a positive note: I have some new post topics I'm bringing to Sweet B's over the next few weeks. So, stay tuned.

12. Oh, and the NFL Draft. Cleveland, the first pick was spot on. But the second....What are you doing?!!!!!! Another QB? And he's almost 30?! When will you realize it's not the QB? Surround him with play makers, please.


Here's to a fantastically better week.

With Love and God Bless,

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