Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Wine Party

Back in May, my friends and I continued our beverage-themed party idea with a selection of wines. Well, actually it's a long story. Allow me to explain.

During our coffee party we were trying to decide on our next beverage for our next get-together and a few of us mentioned wine. Some others mentioned they weren't wine drinkers and wanted to bring other alcoholic beverages. We then decided it would be an alcohol-themed party.

Haha. As my friend pointed out, "Don't all parties have alcohol? Isn't that why it's a party?"

So that was the big joke over the next month. Our alcohol party.

Ice wine is my absolute favorite, but my bank account can't really afford it. (And Mr. B would not understand.)

My second favorite is Riesling. But I wasn't the only one with a taste for this lovely beverage.

The Pinot Noir was quite smooth and Jessica mixed the Spumante with this peach-mix thing-y.

We had such a delicious spread consisting of cheese and crackers, blondie cupcakes, chocolate-covered blueberries, some awesome spicy-lime popcorn and espresso fudge with pistachios.

[Check out this post for the recipe to that fabulous fudge pictured above.]

I was in heaven with my glass of Riesling. And then I spent the rest of the week in heaven as I consumed the leftovers. :)

My friends are awesome.

This was the peach drink Jessica created. It was super, super, super sweet. I could only handle maybe three sips.

And, like all of our get-togethers, we had a blast and the food was perfect.

If you haven't started already, make your next gathering centered around your favorite beverage!


With Love and God Bless,

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