Thursday, July 19, 2012


Today is my birthday. I started my day with a big bowl of overnight oats. And to make it a special breakfast, I added a candle.

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(I tried to light my candle but all three lighters in the house were out of fluid. And so goes my morning...ha ha.)

So today I turn 26. Woot woot. Because I am a mature, married, professional woman my presents of choice have now changed. I'm supposed to have bigger dreams and more mature wants.

And this year Mr. B heard me loud and clear ;)

And I received the most wonderful (grown-up) gift: a house!

All of the paperwork went through yesterday, and now we're just waiting for the keys. Check out our back yard!

A  house!

We're homeowners!

I can finally cross off #107 Buy a house on my "Life List." I've knocked out quite a bit from my bucket list, but there are still a few to go.

To celebrate, here are 26 other items on my Life List:

[in no particular order]

1. Spend the night at a Bed & Breakfast.

(I heard there's one in Pennsylvania with a Gone With the Wind theme.)

2. Go to an all-night movie marathon.

3. Read all of the Newbery Medal winners.

(Yes, I'm a librarian.)

4. Attend an Ohio State football game at The Shoe.

5. Raise a family.

6. Learn how to sew.

7. Start a petition.

8. Attend an AVP match/tournament.

I ADORE Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh.

9. Spend an entire day at the spa.

10. Visit San Francisco.

11. Travel the Rt. 30 garage sales.

12. Learn to ice skate.

13. Watch all the movies in my 501 Must-See Movies book.

14. Learn to drive a stick shift.

15. Pay off my student loan debt.

16. Watch all of the Oscar movie winners.

17. Visit Nashville.

18. Visit Dallas, Texas.

19. Visit at least 30 states.

20. Write a book.

21. See the Statue of Liberty.

22. Learn to play the piano.

23. Visit Las Vegas.

24. Pet a tiger.
Aren't they just gorgeous?

25. Master a ballroom dance.

26. Learn some sign language.

I can't wait for tonight. Mr. B is taking me out to dinner (Mexican) and then a movie (crossing my fingers I can get him to take me to the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rising).

And tomorrow my friends are throwing me (and my friend, Emilia, because her birthday is two days after we're celebrating on the average day) a Royal birthday party!

With love and God Bless,

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