Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sunday Sweets

Every other Sunday I post a blog sharing my favorite finds from around the Internet and my current obsessions.

Enjoy my first Sunday Sweets of 2012!

What I Had For Breakfast Today: A strong cup of black coffee, clementines and blackberries. Sooo good.

Favorite Fashion Find: Found these boots here. Love. They look so freaking comfortable! Yes, definitely a sweet deal.

Sweet Entertaining Idea: Great for a Christmas party or New Year's Eve party. So fun.

Favorite Snack Idea: I can't wait for fresh strawberries to be in season again. I want to start snaking on these frozen yogurt strawberries immediately!!

Favorite Craft Idea: One of my many new projects for the New Year. This is such an awesome idea, I just need to find somewhere to hang it....

Favorite "Want To Do Right Now": I want bangs again, and I'm loving this look.

Current CD Obsession: I just adore Miranda Lambert, her voice, her music and her look. LOVE.HER. I cannot get enough of her new album, Four the Record.
Four the Record

Current "I Want!":  These are just the cutest! I love the color and lace and everything.

Favorite Mouth-Watering Dish: I want to make this Purple Potato Salad immediately because it's potatoes and purple! Who knew food was sooooo pretty?

Daily Smile: Heehee. More like daily laugh out loud for a good minute.

What I Can't Get Enough Of: I love Larabars and need to start making them at home because it can get pricey when all I want to do is eat these all day.

Sweet Fitness Move: Love the lunge and twist.

Favorite Place: Who wouldn't want to ring in the New Year in this jaw-dropping, romantic, rustic hot tub?

Favorite Must-Make-Soon Dessert: These Raspberry Lemonade Bars would be perfect for Valentine's Day.

Best Day Brigthener: We are never more fulfilled than when our longing for God is met by His presence in our life.      -- Billy Graham

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*For my last week of the December 60-Challenge I continued my focus on 60 minutes of yoga. I have a great love for yoga for several reasons, and I'll be posting on that soon!

Have a Happy, Happy New Year! How did you ring in 2012?

With Love and God Bless,

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